Why Northampton is better than Kensington and Chelsea

One place that constantly receives bad press is my home town of Wellingborough along with the county capital of Northampton. However is it all that bad? So here is the comparison to a widely revered capital of posh society and the high life; The Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.


For Kensington and Chelsea

  • A better calibre of Football Team (Chelsea FC-Reigning English Champions)


For Northampton

  • Produces shoes, a necessary item which everybody uses daily compared to a television programme which cannot decide if it is a drama or a documentary.
  • Higher Unemployment and as we all know higher means better.
  • Highest Teenage Pregnancy Rate in Europe, therefore the best in the continent at something
  • A better calibre of Cricket and Rugby Union Team (Northants County Cricket and Northampton Saints).
  • Northampton has a whole county named after it.
  • Ā Kensington is in Greater London whereas Northampton is in Northamptonshire. Within the county names Northampton doesn’t boast with words like Greater, therefore Northampton is more humble.

Who wins? You decide.


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