Why I like being a Wrestler

I’m no where near a strong guy, standing 5 ft 10 inches and weighing 140 pounds, I am essentially the twig of the sport of Professional Wrestling (Commonly seen through promotions such as the WWE and TNA). Being a part time wrestler there is always criticism that comes your way, “You must be gay touching other guys like that”, “It’s just oiled up muscular men in pants”, “It’s completely fake”. However wrestling is quite the opposite to that, in that not only is it a sport that is exclusive to body shape or type but it is also a form of escapism and expression only seen elsewhere within the theatre of a ballet.

Yes, it is fake, no lie about it. If you want to see real fighting, go and watch MMA or UFC, although in different promotions real blood is permitted, injuries occur and botches cause contact, it is unsustainable to run a wrestling show which produces action weekly or monthly while there is the ever present risk of serious injury. The main point of professional wrestling is making it clear that it is fake with the use of storylines. However without this fake element it would not be possible to have the factor which I love so much which is I can be a character and for a few minutes I do not have to be me.

My characters, “Crag Banna” being a psychotic high flying energetic version of myself and “The Doctor” being a comedy character with the catchphrase, “Did someone call for a Doctor? BECAUSE YOU’RE GONNA NEED ONE!”, followed by a sneaky punch. Within this time backstage or on the ramp or in the ring, I am completely disengaged from the outside world and completely focussed upon producing a spectacle of Shoot Wrestling (Wrestling with no pre-planning other than the outcome and a time frame) including jumping from heights, charging around the ring, improvising speeches and throwing people twice my size over my head. As mentioned before it is like a ballet as it would not appear as effortless as it does if you did not work with your opponent in harmony, moving with the strikes, feigning pain and jumping to be elevated in to lifts. Aside from these points it is as sociable as other team sports especially training, performing and travelling with a roster of wrestlers as well as providing health benefits from the strength, aerobic endurance and flexibility conditioning.

I recommend the sport to anybody who would like to try it and, with my background in Jiu Jitsu I was able to focus on the submission element therefore if you are already involved within a martial art this can be a stepping stone for moving on to being an all-round martial artist.

With that being said get inspired, get out there and try something new at your local wrestling school/academy and I hope to come face to face with you in the ring some time soon.


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