Train like a Pro 2016

New Years always bring waves of people in to the mindset of saying “New Year, New Me” and then embarking upon a journey to the gym…most for the first and final time. However for somebody who already frequently visits the gym but still wants to develop it seemed logical explore the training techniques of sportsmen and women (who many will agree are inspirational in deciding to exercise whether for aesthetic or performance gain) and implement them around my regular workouts.

As such I have created a “Train Like a Pro” series for 2016 in which I shall implement the training techniques and exercises experienced by those in a variety of Sports and investigate the effectiveness of a range of fad exercises and types of exercise in to my regular workout routine. So far in 2016 I have set myself the goal to reach 150 pounds by June 1st when I finish the University Year and within this I will need to gain around half a pound each week.

For the first quarter of 2016 the Sports/Exercise Groups explored are:

January- Powerlifting- At the gym using high weight, low reps and high sets on each machine if available as well as the free weights in areas such as bench press and squat rack. Alternating with Gym Days complete a 30 minute bodyweight circuit which can be supplemented by adding resistance of household objects. (Wearing a loaded rucksack/backpack while doing push ups/press ups)

February-Yoga/Pilates-Visiting the gym as normal, completing a regular resistance exercise routine, once every two days. The days without gym activity complete a half hour routine of 15 individual yoga activities which focus upon flexibility, balance through core stability and controlling breathing. Hold each pose for two minutes and shuffle the order of their completion each time to stop the activity from becoming boring. For the 10 minutes following find an online yoga challenge and complete the poses of two of them for the current day of the month as well as for the day you shall skip. Potential for Progression: Raise the time spent on each individual pose.

March- Gymnastics/Rhytmic Gymnastics- The key element to performing and succeeding both kinds of gymnastics is to have complete control over the movements of your body and as such the main components of physical fitness used within gymnastics are Strength (Especially within the core muscles), Muscular Endurance, Flexibility and Balance. With the latter two this shall appear similar to February’s Yoga/Pilates activities. Within the gym as in February, completed once every two days, only on the machines available, using 75% of your maximum lift complete eight repetitions, follow this with a 30 second rest and then raising the weight by 5 or 7 kilograms depending upon the denomination of the machine complete 4 repetitions. After another break of 30 seconds complete the set of 75% for 6 repetitions followed by another 30 second rest period and then a set of two repetitions on the higher weight. In the day away from the gym complete the following stretches for two minutes each: Straddle Stretch on the Left Leg, Straddle Stretch on the Right Leg, Straddle Stretch Leaning Forward, Pigeon Pose on the Left Leg, Pigeon Pose on the Right Leg, Butterfly Stretch, Front Splits, Box Splits, Cobra Pose and Wheel Pose. Follow these with 20 minutes of HIIT bodyweight core exercises such as Superman holds, V-Ups, Abductor Leg Raises and Variations upon Leg Raises.




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