Train Like a Pro 2016-January Review

January saw the beginning of my journey on the Train Like a Pro 2016 programme, exploring the training style and techniques of various sports and exercise crazes, the first of which was Powerlifting using a high weight, low reps, low sets approach to weighted and resistance exercises.

Going in to the month I saw that if any of the months could help me towards my main fitness objective it would be this one through it’s beneficial effect of muscular hypertrophy. At the beginning of the month I weighed 140 pounds with the end of month target being 141.5 pounds. With such I was slightly disappointed to see that I actually only weighed 141 pounds, however with the scales used not featuring half pound measurements it is unclear how far away I was or if it rounded down.

Should I do this again, I would make the resistance routines occur 2 days out of every 3 days do get an increased exposure to the techniques as 31 days is not seen as long enough to be able to see great change as most improvements occur between 6 and 8 weeks after the beginning of the programme.

Measuring the success of this month through the quality of my game play in Badminton, I have noticed that my smash shots have been more effective in beating the opponents reaction speeds. And supplementing this evidence of success, I have found it slightly more difficult to keep my far court shots within the confines of the court which suggests that I could have added in some exercises which enhanced bodily control rather than just increase my muscular strength.


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