Why Pokemon is the greatest Franchise of all Time

It is for  children… It’s just a cartoon…the new Pokemon are terrible… all common thoughts by people who have never allowed themselves to experience Pokemon, well maybe apart from the last one with the example of a Pokemon being based on a key ring. However I digress as I believe Pokemon is the greatest Franchise of all time and here’s why.

I’m going to get the most boring reason out of the way first. As a business student it is obvious that in order to be a great franchise the company needs to make a large profit, in this case maximised by the incredible number of revenue streams with; Television Shows, Magazines, Comic Books, Video Games, Online Games, Megastores, Movies, Music and Trading Cards just naming a few. With this amount of financial and cultural impact Pokemon should not be going anywhere soon.

Which is good for my second point in that the anime reaches hundreds of countries worldwide and regardless of background, religion and political beliefs, there has been a moment of the shows for everyone and more than a few that has united everyone. Starting in the mid-nineties Pokemon has had to redevelop for twenty years to avoid missing out on grasping the hearts and imaginations of two generations, even managing to keep hold of those ten year olds who once dreamed of becoming a Pokemon Master alongside Ash in Kanto who have now turned in to educated, hard working thirty year olds in all manner of jobs. Who doesn’t want to feel what it would be like to hug a Pikachu,Piplup or Togepi? Who didn’t get teary when Pikachu cried when Ash got turned to stone in the first Pokemon movie? No body…that’s who.

Revisiting the vision of fully educated adults being the first generation of Pokemon fans, it is unbelievable how much education the franchise gave us all, some lessons more transparent than others. Subtly naming the first legendary trio; ArticUNO, ZapDOS and MolTRES, teaching us counting in Spanish to showing us how to care and love for pets and fundamentally each other. Giving us the platform to envision a Eutopian world with free Healthcare and Transport, humans in the majority living at one with the animal-like counterparts.

Even if the Television Shows and Movies were not your thing, there was still plenty for you and keeping Pokemon in the news and timelines of social media in recent years with the spirit of competition which the Franchise breeds through the Trading Cards Collections, International Trading Card Game and International Video Game Tournaments which everybody aspires to be part of after spending hours and days training hard to get the strongest Pokemon possible with a moveset and strategy that they love best. Even if you haven’t experienced the international competition, as players we have all experience the micro-heart attack when you almost accidentally delete your save data…if you non-playing readers think that this is being over dramatic, some people would rather buy another copy of that version of the game than start afresh on that same cartridge. That being said, in my opinion it should be an arrestable offence for any body to delete another persons save data.

I could continue to be wax lyrical talking about the Pokemon Franchise and go in to depth about the Fan Theories and discussions which it generates all day long due to the companies ability to operate on so many levels however there is only so much that I can put in a post before I get carried away.

Long Live the Pokemon Franchise and hope that like Ash Ketchum, we Pokefans never age.


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