Origins of Crag Banna

As anyone who sees my posts could guess, Crag Banna is a pseudonym. However it is not just a nickname plucked from thin air, it has a history within my life, dividing opinions and interpretations.

In English a Crag is a Rugged Cliff Face and a Banna is predictably just text speak for Banner. Therefore people think it means somebody who projects a rough, tough exterior.

However from loose translations from Irish Gaelic has given words of association such as “Bond”, “Group” and “Tropical Holiday Present” which has given a few other views upon the meaning of the Phrase. If anybody reading has any other translations of the words in the phrase please comment or message me with them.

But none of these are the true etymology of the phrase as it falls back to a simple occurrence in March 2013 upon a school trip. For a side course from our studies a group of students from a select number of senior schools within my county we needed to travel to a nearby university, over time we expanded our social circles and made friends with people from other universities. On the final trip one of my schoolmates…a girl, an ex who had caused an indescribable amount of pain for myself and several other guys through screwing us over…was asked for her twitter handle so other people could add her. The username was her real name and coming from Gaelic Origins herself she spelt it out letter by letter, after finishing another girl a few seats infront of us, misspelt the name, turned around and shouted “YOUR NAME’S CRAG BANNA?” to which she became embarrassed, causing eruptions of laughter from my male friends and myself on the back row.

I’m not proud of doing so however when striking back against her wickedness I would call her by this incorrect name, annoying her more and more every time, it became a sense of relief, an addiction, to this day I find it difficult to say her real name when talking to her, it became natural to say.

As time passed we would make up scenarios where the name could be placed, example being creating a music label calling it “Crag Banna Studios” or a signage company named “Banna’s Banging Banners”. However one day it came to be that the girl in question had two distinct personalities: A headstrong feminist (Although she was commonly a hypocrite to the ideology) who took everything seriously or A fun-loving joker who would create a comfortable atmosphere and be everyone’s friend. Therefore we called the positive version of herself “Crag Banna” as though it was a superheroes Alias. As a result I created the theory and Idiom that everybody has a Crag Banna or fun side, the unleashing of which being to do a Crag Banna.

Naturally as she hated the name more and more she decided to disassociate the name with herself, leading me to adopt it as a nickname myself as I no longer saw it as a term of irritation and more a term of hope and liveliness. Despite most people still maintaining their view that it is slander, ever since I have embraced the nickname as my main nickname overtaking Jambob500, having it written on sports shirts and hoodies that I own, hence the usage upon here, the use of the word today and the inspiration behind going on holiday to Banna Strand and Banna Crag in Ireland later this year. Choosing to have this ever-presently associated with myself allows me to feel as though there is only one side to myself, an awesome side that lives life to the full, striving for purely positive experiences and creations.

…Crag Banna…It’s going to be a thing.


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