Train Like a Pro 2016- February Review

I never would have imagined that one of the months upon this Programme would have such an effect upon my life and exercise habits as this. Not only has this month been incredibly fun but has also highlighted how little control that I actually have over my own body.

The first item which I learned within this months exercise was that the difference between Yoga and Pilates was that Yoga focussed more upon spiritual enlightenment whereas Pilates is more inclined towards providing physical health benefits such as improving strength and flexibility. Over the course of the month I found that although Yoga was more relaxing with the Savasana and controlled breathing however I did not connect with the Hindi and Buddhist spirtual moments.

With regards to my progression over the month I found that my flexibility predominantly within my lower back and legs improved drastically, secondary to this I found that within controlling my breathing my core became strengthened as I was required to balance and hold various positions which relied on core strength and posture maintenance. I feel that I would have progressed further in this month had I not suffered a virus and was required to travel for  a week which minimised the opportunities to take part in the activities.

Linking back to my overall goal set at the beginning of the year of reaching 150 pounds by the End of May through building clean muscle mass. I estimated that as this months theme was bodyweight focussed I would have fallen short of the average gain required to be on course to reach the goal. However I have been pleasantly surprised that I am still very much on track, weighing 143 pounds where my end of month goal was to weigh 143.5 pounds, the same difference as seen in January.

Should I do this month again I would make sure that some kind on Yoga/Pilates activity took place every day with sub-themes within each week or over a few days such as being solely dedicated on improving flexibility, strength or muscular endurance, Arm Balances or Stretching and specific body areas.

The source for the majority of my yoga workouts and guidance over the month was the Youtube channel named SarahBethYoga (Link attached below). An account that not only focusses upon generic yoga workouts but tailors them to different audience needs such as for those with sciatica or joint problems as well as offering a variety of takes upon performing a range of poses and flows. I whole-heartedly cannot endorse this channel enough, while there are hundreds of other yoga and pilates based channels on Youtube and other Video sharing platforms this one stood out for me and would recommend anybody interested in yoga to have a look at.

I would love to add Yoga/Pilates to my daily life and existing workout routines, however in the interest of maintaining a level of control, allowing each of the sports and exercise types to have a fair attempt of being evaluated I cannot continue with this until next year.

In March I shall be undergoing Gymnastics focussed Training, hoping to capitalise upon the increased range of flexibility that February has given me, I have set myself three micro-goals over three levels with: Level One-Being able to stand on one leg while holding the other high as close to my head as possible, Level Two-Being able to do the Box Splits and Front Splits and Level Three: Being able to do the Scorpion pose (Different to the Pose found in Yoga). Who knows whether I will be able to achieve any of these or even whether I will be able to hold myself in my first ever handstand. Cannot wait to work alongside some past and present rhythmic gymnasts and see if they can put me through my paces.

Link to Sarah Beth Yoga (Check her out):


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