Train Like a Pro 2016- March Review

Gymnastics and Rhythmic Gymnastics, not two sports you would associate with a 5 ft 11 Rugby Player and Rock Culture Enthusiast however this month has proved that there can be a huge benefit from venturing in to the unknown. Working with a Nene Valley Rhythmic Gymnastics Coach who wishes to remain nameless I was able to put together a series of stretching activities to complement a core strengthening series which often left my limbs feeling like wet spaghetti while my core was tight and cramping. Even though I’m informed that to perform the splits or any of the other well known gymnastic poses seen on the television I would require another solid six months of practice, every day of the week rather than every two days, I have felt a significant improvement in my flexibility, allowing me to have a greater reach in badminton which has itself led to greater performances and results for myself and my partner. Due to the intense core workouts I have found that my posture is now more rigid with less slouching with the increased strength of my muscles finding it easier to support my weight in a vertical position and I have also noticed a visual development in my abdominals and upper back which has been an important tool for stabilisation in the individual activities.

To improve upon this month I would create an almost Rewards-Goals system with regards to the flexibility exercises as after the first couple of weeks they became a little tedious and therefore I felt that I put less effort in to them. As a result a Rewards-Goals system would help to keep me motivated and focussed on the task in hand.

For the core workout videos I must recommend and credit Fitness Blender for creating videos which are simple to understand and follow while providing multiple alternative ways to train a section of your body using bodyweight exercises. Another honourable mention is the female orientated fitness channel called BikiniModelFitness, often found on the first page of YouTube searches for abdominal challenges who prove that the body and figure you are looking for is achievable and you can look good getting there.

An update on my progress towards my overall physical fitness objective is that with feeling quite lethargic within the final week of the month, with my goal weight at this point being: 146 Pounds, I am currently 140 pounds-a disappointing regression of 3 pounds rather than gaining 3 pounds, other factors contributing to this is that a gymnast training session is designed to maintain and define the body aesthetically rather than build muscle which it has done, as well as that I have not completed a regular gym workout in the past week due to moving home for Easter. Much effort and improvement is required in April to stop the decline and get back on track.



Fitness Blender:



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