Night Ramblings 1

Just because something isn’t what we are used to seeing, hearing or experiencing does not make it bad, weird or wrong (within the confines of the law). Some times the thing is what makes a person them, and who are we as a society to take that away from them?

If we watch a charity appeal video of a young impoverished African child who has to rummage through rubbish dumps in search of plastics and metals to sell and he is holding tightly a blue plastic bottle (Like a White Lightning Cider Bottle without a wrapper), almost hugging it with an incredibly large and joyful smile, who are we to take that feeling away from him by condemning it as odd, weird or strange.

We do not know what he has or what he has lost. He may have never seen a blue plastic bottle before. He may be able to get more money for the plastic based on its colour. He may have created an imaginary friendship with the bottle out of loneliness and desperation.

What I am trying to get at here is that without being inside of an individuals body or mindset we cannot truly understand what makes them happy-what makes them tick. Everybody deserves to be happy, so why as a wider society do we see irregularities and seek to ridicule or devalue them? What does that tell us about the individual mentalities of the mockers. Should we rather be trying to help them as they clearly have too much time and energy to reduce others to their level rather than spend on their own passions and building happiness.

Live and let live…


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