Night Ramblings 2

Why is there an almost expectation that as a University student that I must go out on a Thursday, Friday and Saturday to get absolutely hammered, off of my face on so much alcohol that I cannot watch my bank account be sucked dry infront of me, so much alcohol that in the morning I cannot remember what happened the night before, so much alcohol that the next day I am incapable of functioning as a human being.

An exert of a conversation between a  University Friend and Myself on Saturday afternoon;

Friend: So you out tonight Crag?

Me: Nope

Friend: Why not? Everyone waits all week to go out on a Saturday Night to go out. You are coming out tonight.

Me: Not me, firstly I don’t enjoy clubbing in Burnley and secondly I don’t enjoy clubbing full stop.


What’s my issue then? Aside from the aforementioned loss of money and raging hangovers scarring my memories of my bathroom, it is a quadruple threat of peeves. Firstly it is no industry secret that the alcohol put in cocktails are watered down or have such pitiful amounts put in so that the prices are cheaper. Rum and Coke-Cuba Libre, absolutely love it. Takes about 6-8 single Rum and Cokes to get me properly drunk and a lightweight night, at roughly £2.50 each that’s £15-£20 for which I could buy myself a bottle of rum from a supermarket, have a quarter to a third of it and be even more bladdered. Secondly, I’m a rock music fan, and to be quite frank even though I like a couple of the chart hits that would be played in a night club the majority of what I hear is pure drivel with lyrics that make no lyrical sense…I don’t want to hear 6 songs out of 7 with the only storyline being a guy telling us he likes girls with big asses. Thirdly, the people. Nightclubs, especially where I am are overcrowded, no space to actually move or dance, you end up standing still swaying slightly side to side, sipping at your drink, constantly getting bashed around like a pinball by people trying to squeeze past. The only time you throw your hands in the air is to make it clear that you aren’t trying to grope a girl making her way by. Also the belief that because girls are there you will pull. I honestly couldn’t care less, I’m happy being single, I’m happy not risking acting like an ass in the hope that a girl would come back to mine for a one night thing, within this, first of all a girl who goes to a nightclub looking for a guy is not really one who I would want to be with long term, and as a guy brought up to respect girls and be gentlemanly it is uncomfortable to have it over and done with without any follow up. Fourth, the notion that I would be able to do things that I wouldn’t normally do with a few drinks in me…as a person who does wacky and unexpected things for a hobby without being under influence this isn’t a selling point. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the whole point of being awake and alive, is to remember what you have done so why would getting blind drunk be of appeal?

When I do go out on a Saturday, I spend pre-drinks (a ridiculous event within itself) with my mates then when we do head out I spend an hour with them in any uncomfortable club that they want then I leave to go to a rock bar where I can actually get given a pint of beer for a reasonable price or a straight glass of rum or whisky, either a live band or rock DJ is playing classics which I enjoy and even if you are by yourself that doesn’t matter. The amount of times that I have stood on the balcony with a pint looking at the night sky over the carpark and a group of guys have struck up a conversation with me and welcomed me in to their group for the night with the pure common interest of rock music, rock culture and beer. Then we would take over the stage to rock out once the band have left, bashing in to each other, inadvertantly knocking each other out for a few seconds, playing air guitar, headbanging and still joining together to belt out a classic song, all combined until 4/5am when it is time to head back.

Recently even to save myself a Sunday so I can work and be active, instead of going out on a Saturday and spending 20 to 30 quid, on a Friday I walk to the train station, hop on a random train and go to one of the many well known and picturesque towns and cities in the North West to visit people and generally have a fun touristic day out.

I just wish that people would understand and accept this is how I prefer to live my weeks and not try to tie me in to what they want. Who knows, on one of these random adventures in to the unknown I may meet my future wife, save a life, or experience something which changes my being forever…


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