Train Like a Pro 2016- April Review

Straight away I would like to say that although I was able to make virtually whole body improvements with regards to strength when testing my 1, 4 and 8 rep maximums on various machines, the Sport specific elements of this months training caused a lot of issues, in the way that the chance to perform those exercises were limited due to the space that they take up.

As outlined in the Quarter Two preview the kind of exercises I would attempt used equipment such as medicine balls and dumbbells in activities which would replicate actual Rugby movements which require quite a lot of space. Within my gym the free weights area is cluttered with benches and unracked weights so the only option was to wait until the matted area which consisted of two mats were free at the end of my regular workout, however due to the limited space available it was popular for other people to go there and stake their territory for up to half an hour possibly more, something which I was unwilling to wait for. This being said when able to complete the exercises I felt that my upper body rotations doing the dumbbell shovels had improved and I had always been able to do a resistance-cardio session on the cross trainers which not only worked my aerobic endurance but also made notable improvements to the strength of my quadriceps.

With these improvements in my strength it was a bit of a kick in the teeth when I was weighed yesterday at 142 pounds, only a 2 pound improvement on the last month and an overall improvement of 2 pounds since the beginning of the programme, where I should be around 148 pound-6 pounds away.

With such a large gap to make up towards my goal of 150 pounds by the end of the month, and the fact that I am moving away from University on the 22nd, I am already turning my attention to the next goal of improving my overall fitness so I am ready to start the next Rugby season when I move to Manchester in September as my University is moving location. Nevertheless I am still committed to the programme and look forward to discovering more about Animal Flow.


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