Greatest Sporting Moment: Wrestling

One of my many past sports/hobbies, wrestling has been one of my favourite, and unlike you’d suspect my greatest moment came in a match/mini storyline with a girl. Now before anybody condemns me for being a woman beater or anything like that, this took part at a wrestling camp, the outcomes were pre-decided, all of it is a created storyline using moves we had been taught how to use, avoid and protect ourselves from.

I had made friends with a girl while there and we had an idea to be in a mixed tag team match with the storyline to prove we were the best mixed tag team around. Going in to the match she was a heel (Bad Guy) amongst the female wrestlers as she sought to use her strength advantages to dominate the “Division”, I was a slight face wrestler (Good Guy) and the pair we were against were both Faces who we had had previous singles matches with. I was a rather slender technical and high flying wrestler who didn’t rely on strength or power, the same as the pair against us, however my partner as mentioned previously was more built that I was despite being shorter than me and used her power to her advantage. The match had been going on like any other for about 7-8 minutes until I found myself in the centre of the ring with the opposition girl being the legal person. I stood there calling for her to tag the male wrestler in because I wasn’t going to hit a girl, suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder pulling me around, it was my partner. She screamed at me to go hit her, and when I refused she told me to “Man up” and gave me a low blow, to which I fell on the floor and allowed the opposition girl to pin me.

Losing to a girl in any form of wrestling is seen as career suicide so at the next “Performance Opportunity” I stood in the ring and called my partner out. As she stood on the ramp I shouted “Last Match, you cost us the match, the chance to be the best mixed tag team around. And worst you hit me with a low blow, you took a shot, hit me in the balls, now show that you have the balls and meet me in the ring”. She came down the ramp in to the ring where we stood as I crouched to her eye line, silent for about 10-20 seconds before I said “I may not want to hit a girl…but that doesn’t mean I won’t make one TAP OUT!! Right here right now”. She was wearing a black kind of all in one top and skirt with knee high wrestling boots and I had a black thermal shirt, Black Jeans, Black cut out sleeves and Black Vans-type trainers on.

A referee came down to the ring to start the 1 vs 1 submissions match. The first few minutes there was a back and fourth of pushing shoving and some strikes. Then we had a good couple of minutes where we had a series of submissions, reversals and transitions. Then she got me in to an ankle lock removing one of my trainers to make it easier to make the hold tighter, however I was able to roll through and do the same to her, to which she also rolled through to reapply the hold on my opposite ankle removing my remaining trainer. I managed to twist around pulling her to the mat with me eventually standing over her shouting “Let’s make this equal”, as she bent her leg to push me off I managed to take her boot with me, leaving us both with socks on.

As we both got back to our feet she managed to throw me in to a corner where she went for two running boots across the face. Being a rugby player I did not expect her to be that flexible so it took me by surprise when she managed to raise her leg without holding on to the ropes (If she used the ropes it would have been a disqualifiable move only able to last 4 seconds) to place her foot on my neck attempting to choke me out, she grabbed my arms to pull me in closer as she screamed for me to tap. I began to “Fade” and she let go of my arms allowing the referee to check if I had been knocked out by dropping my arm. On the third drop I finally responded to the call, grabbing on to her leg, throwing it away, spinning her around so she lost balance. I place my arm around her neck to suplex her, as I lifted her I bounced her mid section off the ropes to then throw her towards the middle of the ring.

I removed my thermal shirt (as a sign I was going to go for a high risk move) as I then climbed to the top rope for my first signature move of the Swanton Bomb which was more like a forward somersault which aimed for my back to land on her chest however after I had dived she had moved. As I sat up in pain of my back hitting the canvas lined wood she slid in to wrap her legs around my stomach for her first signature move, the body scissors where she would try to crush the chest of her opponents. As she stretched out her legs to increase the pressure she shouted “I’m going to drain the strength out of your puny abs”, despite my acting efforts to get out we rolled around the middle of the ring with me in the hold for about two minutes.

I managed to squirm my way behind her, able to make my way to my feet, I used my second signature move, only able to be described as the Glam Slam (Used famously by Beth Pheonix). I lifted her up off of me and dropped her on to her front. In an attempt to finish the match I bent her legs so that her shins were against my chest and I grabbed her arms pulling them towards me lifting her upper body in the rocking horse submission. She told the referee that she tapped out and even though the bell had rung, I maintained the hold with her screaming out, until the referees pulled me away and put me in to my corner where I stood wide eyed and wide smiled with my arms in the air.

This match plus promo had everything that a top quality match could have had, if it were to be viewed by Dave Meltzer, I’m sure it would have been given a five star rating.

It had:

A double Face/Heel turn as I fought a girl to OTT limits and she had become a figure standing up for women’s wrestlers.

A specialism match stipulation.

Near Falls and a two way match up.

The inspiration for my “The Doctor” Character.

It set up opportunities for other guys to come in and stand up against me, it gave female wrestlers a chance to stand up against me.


I hope at some point I can get back in to competing within the squared circle,  below are videos of some of the moves mentioned.

Ankle Lock-

Corner Footchoke-

Swanton Bomb-

Body Scissors-

Glam Slam-

Rocking Horse Submission-


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