Note about Night Ramblings 3

It has come to my attention that some people saw the satirical and completely made up sketch from Night Ramblings 3 as offensive and a serious dig at the university. At no point was the intention to cause personal harm or offence to anybody or soil the reputation of the institution, it was an attempt at publishing an early attempt of my newer, more adult style of comedy. If anybody took the content as fact, I would like to clarify that UCFB is a well run organisation, with the students at the forefront of their attention, aiding the transition between campuses as much as possible, the reason for the move being the increase in ability to deliver high quality higher education, in a unique manner to which only UCFB can be recognised as doing in England at the moment. The sport focussed university and complimentary curriculum provides students the opportunity to be well rounded individuals within the sports sector, prepared for a wide range of roles within the sports industry post graduation, not limited to the roles specific to the individual courses provided.

One final note, thanks for reading my blog university admins, you’re so sweet…


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