Why I don’t celebrate my Birthday

Yeah you read the title correctly, I don’t celebrate my Birthday (Tomorrow-19th May). This may make me come across as somebody who is ungrateful for the gift that is life however I assure you this is not the case.

Maybe I have been corrupted by the modern culture that hard work and achievements are what should be celebrated or maybe I truly have grown up too fast. This year will be the third year running where I haven’t cared less about my age ticking over another digit. I see celebrations as something that should be reserved for succeeding, or achieving something, especially in something that not many people have been able to do. It is with that premise that I do not see that simply living for 365 days (or 366 this year) consecutively as a cause for celebration, even more so as everybody on earth currently alive is capable of achieving the same feat. Being celebrated for just living and being on this earth is not something which I have earned the right to be yet so at the moment people may as well come up to me on my birthday and say “Congratulations on Surviving”. I would rather be celebrated for the things I do, showing that the effort I have put in has not been in vain which is why I felt almost moved when I got several messages of praise and congratulations for my Outstanding Contribution Towards Student Sport Award on the Friday gone after just one year at University.

Tomorrow is just another day, 24 hours long, compiled of breaths, heartbeats and human interactions. The only thing special is that it will be the final complete day I will be spending in Burnley, possibly for the rest of my life. Now if only I could tell my friends this without becoming an eternal social outcast and I’d be made up.


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