How to Tell if Somebody Likes You

Many of us have been in a situation where you either like somebody and want to know how how they feel back or when you have seen somebody begin to act differently towards you and want to know what’s with them. I have managed to find a couple of simple methods to find out your answer.

Guys Trying to Find if a Girl Likes Them*

Step 1: Do you think that they like you?

Step 2: If you answered no, stop wasting your time and just carry on with life. If you answered yes then the real answer is not they don’t like you that way because life never turns out the way you envisage in your head.


Girls Trying to Find if a Guy Likes Them

Step 1: Do you even to wonder whether they do, of course they like you…you are a girl right.


Now those methods may seem short but they take in to account on of the worst possible scenarios a person could experience…the friendzone. As a locally renowned expert in the field with being a guy who arguably gets on better with girls than he does other blokes the old joke “What is the easiest way to make friends with a girl? Ask them out”may as well be my motto. This being said I’ve only asked out/tried it on with 7 girls, 3 became girlfriends, 3 draw out periods in to the friendzone abyss and the final still has the conclusion yet to be found. In this age, any kind of “zoning” is an easy escape route for any girl (or the rare cases where boys have done it) where they can’t be brave enough to say “No” or “Not right now”. But as they aren’t a definitive answer, people still try to escape, leading to moments of false hope where they think they are making progress where instead their kindness, over caring, over attentiveness or other personal changes are digging themselves deeper in to that hole which is why I recommend that you cut those ties no matter how painful that may be. It stops you wasting months or years of your life, stops you changing who you truly are to try and impress or get with the person you want, you lose friends along the way and you constantly have to ask whether it is all worth it, something that if you think of in a relationship you shouldn’t be part of it. Also if the zoner is doing it because they can’t be brave enough or just want to string you along, you don’t deserve that weight dragging you down because you deserve to live your life free.**


*Apologies to any homosexual, bisexual or pansexual people reading this who may become offended by my heterocentricity is this piece as I can only speak for the mindsets which I know and they are of myself and other “straight” people which I know. I’m sure that being otherwise orientated does not make you think or act differently however I did not feel comfortable making assumptions for populus which I didn’t fully understand.

** I know the majority of that paragraph was off of the main topic and self motivated but I felt that it needed to be said.


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