Summer Writing Projects

Being back from University for the summer leaves a lot of free time needing to be filled with something creative or else the time will be wasted. One thing I would love to do is get back to story writing and here are a few ideas.

The first is one which I have seen thrown around on twitter which is an informal request for anyone to write a story in which the main character falls in love with the reader. Despite this being an open request, as it is not an original idea of my own I do not feel entirely comfortable with writing it unless I could collaborate with the original mind behind the stimulus.

However a theme/topic which may already exist under a different name is what I call “Semi-Fiction”, a type of fictional story writing which use a lot of real world facts, figure and innovations that you would find in a non-fiction educational book. This being said, prior to university I envisioned and planned out writing a “Semi-Fiction” novel which followed the planet’s efforts to find a way to survive with energy and other key resources running out a lot quicker than anybody had expected, coming at he reader from multiple third person perspectives with those main characters coming from diverse backgrounds yet still somehow having an impact on everybody else.

Still along the “Semi-Fiction” route is an idea which I am possibly most keen on at the moment which is creating “Semi-Fiction” stories for children and young adults which educate them on various sports and hobbies such as; Rugby Union, Pro Wrestling and Scuba Diving. Within these books with be industry related words in bold or italics which can then be defined in the glossary. Out of those pass-times mentioned Pro Wrestling also offers the opportunity to write wrestling storylines which can enthral the reader of the book as much as the in story wrestling fans. However the problem with all three hobbies mentioned, should I wish the story to be publishable in any format I will not be able to mention real life teams, companies, promotions and their employees which would make it harder for the readers to identify the characteristics of each of the secondary characters. This being said there will be more opportunity to create and develop character description however this could cause the narrative to become slow paced and tough to read.



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