2016 Rio Olympic Games Review #3

Holding off on posting this until after the closing ceremony, this is the final part of the Rio Olympic Games Review, looking forward to the often more spectacular Paralympics which starts on the 7th of September.

The key talking points of the final week of the games sounded like the drinks list from a very good night out with a Triple Triple for Usain Bolt, Double Double for Mo Farah and a Double for Nicola Adams. Has been argued as the greatest games yet due to the sheer number of world and Olympic records broken and medals one which helped to keep the off track/field/court controversies at bay. None more so than the Great British team will be pleased with their performance, managing to finish a country as big as China, not only based upon past Olympic Reputation but when taking in to account the size of the pool they have to select competitors from. Also hailed in as record breakers for being the first country to beat the medals total of their own Olympics in a successive games (67 total in Rio) GB will be hoping to replicate the success at the Paralympics. It had only occurred to me looking at the medals table this morning that despite the supposed bans on participation in this years event, Russia still achieved a fourth place finish overall which has not only highlighted their quality but the fact that there was no dark cloud or protest over their participation.

Plenty of underlying interesting stories from various events within the final week of the games as Brazil got revenge on Germany for their World Cup hammering by winning on Penalties with the scripted golden boy, Neymar, scoring the final spot kick and then retiring the Brazillian Captaincy. After an Olympic Record Preliminary Round, Tom Daley crashed out of the 10m Platform Diving Semi-Finals just 24 hours later by having an error-laden series of dives. One of the most bizarre stories has come across two events as Heptathlete Katarina Johnson-Thompson found that the height achieved in her High Jump event was indeed enough to take home the gold medal should she have solely competed in that discipline. The final day also saw the games have the widest medal distribution than any of its predecessors with Niger winning Silver in the Men’s 80kg+ Taekwondo final to take the medal table up to 87 countries.

Undoubtedly with such a winning margin, a gluttony of 46 Gold Medals (19 more than Great Britain), the team of the Games are of course the USA. Very unsurprising given that in the pool with Michael Phelps and Katie Ledecky on the most part gained 16 Golds, 8 Silvers and 9 Bronze, and that Simone Biles gained four golds single handed across various Gymnastic Disciplines. This was accompanied by 13 Golds under the canopy of Athletics with the only real running rivals to Jamaica claiming such wins as the 4X400m Relay in both Men’s and Women’s, 1500m Men’s and 4X100m Women’s. As you would stereo-typically expect thinking of America and American Sport, both genders dominated the Basketball Competitions boasting NBA star names such as Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant and Carmello Anthony  as well as claiming two golds in Wrestling.

With more coverage than ever before I hope that this Olympics has served as more of an inspiration to get more children (Girls in particular) in to sport and encouraging them to aspire to greatness, something which schools particularly in England are lacking. I myself have been inspired to take a more serious approach to my Badminton game play as I had been doing with my Fitness and Conditioning training over the past year in preparation for a charge towards working my way through the county and regional ranks in the hope of qualifying for the 2024 Games where I would be 27.

If you have any comments on what I’ve said or what your view on this year’s Olympics have been like please leave them and I’ll get back to them soon. I’ve been Crag Banna…signing out.


Further Proof of How the World Works Belief

Yesterday I went in to detail about my view that there is something pulling the strings of my life, I just don’t know what, too much happens to be a pure coincidence and another example of this took place last night. I’m not a heavy gambler but I do enjoy placing a few quid on the football each weekend, this weekend; £4 on £43 return if six outcomes are correct. The first five including a last minute winner by Huddersfield had come out positively. The final game, Atletico Madrid vs Alaves, Champions League Runners Up vs Newly Promoted side, on paper a 4/5/6 goal thrashing. 90th minute 0-0…I begin to write a status slating Atletico Madrid for how poor they had been infront of goal..92nd Minute 1-0 to Atletico…I begin to write a status saying thanks for the Heart Attack and £43…93rd Minute, Alaves equalise straight away with a long range strike, their first of the game and the full time whistle goes. In the space of two minutes I had won and lost the chance to gain £43, most likely towards having fun, and as soon as I had written a status giving a view on the result…the game contradicted it… Unbelievable.

How The World Works

I am nowhere near being religious however I do believe in something controlling the way that the world works, the path that lives take. I identify as a Solipsist, name derived from the Latin words “Solus” and “Ipse” meaning “Alone” and “Self” respectively. Within this philosophical belief all I can know and understand for certain is myself and that I exist. Aside from this everything may be an illusion, or created just so that I see this version of a world, a way in which most people would be familiar with this is through the Matrix films. As such I can not be sure whether people or items exist and all that I or we learn about history, religion and science are just things that are put here to make this world appear to make sense and provide some logical reasoning. I have not been part of any of these previous times or experiments and thus have not witnessed any of these things, feeding in to chaos theory where I can only be certain of what I see, for all I know as I sit upstairs in my bedroom there may be a dragon nailing jelly to a walrus downstairs, despite being virtually impossible, it is not an existential possibility which I can rule out.

So that is the way I view the world, no matter how crazy or selfish it sounds, I believe in what I believe and that’s that, however I have strayed far from what I wanted the point of this post to be;

As I have alluded to and mentioned in a couple of previous posts I had been crushing on/in love with a girl for over two years and although there were undoubtedly several moments which were almost miraculously incredible, there were some moments (Many of which followed the highs) which sent me in to an almost depressed state. This then cycled as though something had been controlling my life and actions trying to teach me a lesson, linking back to the opening of this piece. It was almost guaranteed that when things were going well, I would then do something out of the ordinary and put my foot in it, ultimately driving her away at some point, causing irreparable damage that left me pining over a lost cause.

However in May this year, everything started to stop making sense with everything being too perfectly set up to be a coincidence. May 13th, after nearly 18 months of no feelings and separation, I messaged her and apologised for everything I had put her through, and that with the summer break approaching we would inevitably see each other I wanted no bad blood should we meet on the streets. We both apologised for the things we had done (This being the person who has made it incredibly difficult to even utter the “L-Word” to a girl through fear of being hurt again), made our peace, buried the hatchet and agreed to move on as adults. May 18th, while on the way back from a day trip to the Lake District I had begun thinking of coming home from university, and how depressing it would be to come back to couples everywhere and family troubles leaving me sitting alone sobbing in to a pint glass at the local Wetherspoons. When I arrived back at the Student Halls, my wi-fi reconnected and I found a message from the girl who I had got acquainted with at New Years, simply saying “Hey, how are you?”. I had assumed that she was just going to say Happy Birthday a day early, or try to organise a meet up for when I returned home for the summer to attempt to continue from where we left off at New Years.

Thinking of it as nothing more that being a friendship or long shot of being a hook up, I replied each day for the next week, even starting the conversation some days…and to this day, from May 18th, there have only been two days where we have not spoken. We have gone from incredible awkward conversations and even more awkward meet ups. The first time we saw each other since returning home was a night out on the town three weeks after first contact with two of my friends, I could not have been further from her. It was a shambles of what my friends thought was an attempt of a date even though much to the shock of everyone, I got a kiss at the end of the night. For the next week the conversation had been scraped from the bottom of the barrel, finding the slightest things to keep it going. One day, I went out jogging with one of my friends aiming to make it to the football ground in her town, by random circumstance or “coincidence” as the world would like to have you believe she was in one of the cars driving past and spotted me running in my skin-tight gear. The next week the conversation had miraculously picked up, on the following Saturday she asked me to meet her for coffee, and despite my chest almost exploding, I made it and we had one of the most coffee meet ups in human history, we went out in town that night with both of us going to the same pre drinks at a mutual friends house (We went to school together and had the same friendship groups despite not talking to each other once). Despite some other events that night, we still managed to have an incredible time and personally I had the best night out ever. The following week we went to the movies just the two of us, slight awkwardness apparent but still we had fun in each others company. The banter flowed at ease like never before and this began a near weekly string of dates and meet ups with the last 3 weeks having those meet ups grow in frequency. Such an increase to the point that between the 7th and 13th of August we had gone from being around my house once to declaring ourselves as boyfriend/girlfriend, having sex, saying that we love each other and organising our lives for the next few months together and a holiday break away together. All of this bred out of several weeks of awkwardness, missed opportunities on my part with some smooth talking, responding through politeness and desperate joke making keeping the fire burning.

Surely the world somehow gave me my perfect idea of a relationship, one built emotionally and romantically over time through a series of cute dates and fun conversations rather than be predicated on sex, items and lust. Looking at us on paper we should not work as a couple, but is this only working because I managed to put that previous relationship saga/episode fully behind me and given me a new one to live through and gain experience from.


  1. Movies- Comedy or Action
  2. Food- Italian/Pizza
  3. Hobbies- A range of sports including Badminton, Scuba Diving and Rugby
  4. Music- Hard Rock (Skillet, Peroxwhy?gen and Breaking Benjamin)
  5. Sleep- Goes to Bed around 11pm
  6. Partying- Very limited alcohol consumption
  7. Fitness- Goes to the gym every 2 days with activity in the off days, a key part of life especially in training  for the 2024 Olympics being a realistic goal
  8. Pets- Would love a Dog
  9. Located: Manchester (Was Burnley but moved for University) and Wellingborough



  1. Movies- Horror
  2. Food- Chinese
  3. Hobbies- Watching YouTube and Netflix
  4. Music- Pop (21 Pilots)
  5. Sleep-Varies from 3am to all day sleeping
  6. Partying- Whenever Possible, including alcohol (responsible) and legal highs
  7. Fitness- Plays Rounders every couple of weeks, occasionally plays basketball, rock climbs and hill walks, fitness not something intentionally done
  8. Pets- Preferably not
  9. Located: Buxton and Burton Latimer

Looking at these few categories alone, we are a total mismatch of personalities, yet we are able to set our differences aside and just enjoy each others company. And that is what makes us work, we know that neither of us are perfect as individuals but as long as we accept and love each other for who we are, we can be perfect together.

As it is clear that something or someone out there is controlling us to be together I would just like to say; Thank You so damn much, I have not felt this happy in a long while, never had the feeling of being liked by someone before and to finally have the chance to put my philosophy of how relationships should work in to practice is something that I cherish every day. Just getting to see her smile is enough to keep me going and is perfect reward if it can be called that for the effort I put in to make sure she can realise how beautiful and incredible she is every single day.

If you have any comments or thoughts on anything I have said throughout this please leave them. I’ve been Crag Banna…Signing Out.

Crag Banna: Do Penguins Have Knees?-Part 3 (AKA Additions-Hanging Brain)

The first time that we did it together, was only my second su-hexual moment ever and my brain tried it’s hardest to put me off, never has my own mind thought it was so funny as when you’re wanting to have the time of your life. Starting off with some light hand play, teasing, feeling out the situation, the brain immediately kicks in… “I have no idea what I’m doing…Is that the clitoris…Never heard of that Pokemon… I’ve heard these noises in movies before so I think I’m doing pretty good”.

But then the worst thing possible…she queefed (Cover eyes with hand). The Dictionary definition of a Queef is the sound created by the vagina when it sucks in air and blows it back out for no reason. As all the guys in here know, there is one thing that never fails to make us laugh…something that sounds like a fart. She rolls over to face me, “Wow” she remarks beaming, the only thing I could muster while containing the laughter was “…Thanks…”.

It got to a point where she couldn’t just lay there and take it any longer so she turned and asked “Any Requests?”… Immediate response? Star Man by David Bowie would be nice? This was not to be my night. Nervously I managed to clamber on top and begin like any normal person. Now this was our first time, I had to demonstrate my skills. I had to prove that my pull out game was strong because I am A MAN and I need to show that I am completely in control. Very hard to be in complete control when all you can hear is “Baby Grind on Me” playing on repeat but I was confident… But I showed that my pull out game was too strong…pulled out twice… at which point I gave up rolled over and then my balls finally decided to join the party (Throw hands in the air).

The next night we thought we’d go again and this time it went much better. However I found there is one this thing that Year 9 Drama does not prepare you for… that moment when she throws her head back and says “Cum in me”…but you already had…2 minutes ago… so you keep going for a few seconds before taking a deep breath in and falling forward on top of your girl…that’s right girls us guys can fake it too. One final piece of advice that I would give any man watching tonight is after you are done, stay done, under no circumstances should you go down on your woman unless you want to know what it feels like to be a Saint Bernard.


PS: All of this is of imagination and is in no way representative of real life events…

2016 Rio Olympic Games Review #2

I have not posted a review of the Olympics for the past week as I have been too busy to sit down and make a concerted effort to watch the events for a lengthy period. The main exception being that while out clubbing on Saturday night the highlight had been watching and cheering on Mo Farah to his 10,000 metre gold medal amidst a packed dance floor, picking up a few strange looks along the way.

The start of the second week was marked by the beginning of the event period which makes so many of us feel somewhat inadequate, thinking what may have been, the track and field athletics… Arguably the most anticipated event of this being the Women’s Heptathlon, with the majority of spectators wishing they were or were with the competitors being admittedly envious myself. Jessica Ennis-Hill, despite spending time out of the sport for family reasons following London 2012 was firm favourite to retain her title as the British looked to replicate their Super Saturday success of four years ago. This was also the second games for young and emerging star Katarina Johnson-Thompson looking to establish herself against the more experienced field. However it was a surprising gold medal win for the Belgian, Nafissatou Thiam who stole the show with Ennis-Hill in Second Place overall and Johnson-Thompson coming Sixth overall, only let down by throwing events, Javelin and Shot Putt coming 27th both times.

Of the other Super Saturday re-entrants, as previously mentioned Mo Farah, holding towards the rear of the pack early in the race, stormed from behind after recovering from a fall to pick up an iconic victory. However the same levels of success could not be enjoyed by Long Jumper Greg Rutherford as he managed to only scrape a bronze with his final effort of the night.

The past week also saw the Group Stages of my main sport, the Badminton Competition. In particular my focus was on Chris and Gabby Adcock the British Mixed Doubles pair who won Gold at the 2014 Commonwealth Games. Before and throughout their final group match against Poland the commentators kept assuring the viewers that regardless of the result, the Adcocks were in to the next round and that the Polish Team were simply playing for pride…however this was not the case. The British team despite having three match points in the second set were undone by an inspired resurgent Mateusiak (My competitor of  who went on to dominate the decisive set which sent the Brits out and the Poles through, something which the commentator immediately after the match was still oblivious to. Elsewhere Male pair Ellis and Langridge ensured that Great Britain had some representation in the Quarter Finals of the Badminton.

As much as you’d love to have a non controversial world tournament, this rarely happens and the Greatest Show on Earth has been no exception with this years edition arguably going to be remembered to circumstances off field equally or more so than the content on field. Of course there have been moments which we will undoubtedly see months after the games and be brought up at future events such as; Dutch Keirin Cyclist, Lauren Van Reissen, riding at a right angle to the ground along the crowd barrier wall to avoid crashing in to off balance Frenchwoman, Virginie Cueff. Reissen finished last in the heat but managed to win the Repechage heat to qualify for the next stage of the tournament. Ultimately photo of the tournament had been the selfie taken between two gymnasts, representing North Korea and South Korea, a vision of war, propaganda and hatred set aside in the spirit of competition, friendship and a sense that there was no point in having conflict with somebody who you do not know. Sadly, this was not the case at the Male Judo event, after a victory by Israeli, Or Sasson when Sasson attempted to shake the hand of Egyptian, Islam el-Shehaby only to be aggressively refused leaving the Israeli dumbstruck in the middle of the mat. el-Shehaby later was quoted saying, “You cannot expect me to shake the hand of someone from this state”, prompting and investigation by the Egyptian Athletics Governing Body. Aside from this there have been strange occurrences such as the Diving Competition Pool mysteriously turning green and the revelation that should Michael Phelps have been a nation in himself he would have been tenth in the medal table on Thursday and that over the course of his Olympic Career he has more gold medals than over 170 countries competing at any Games in history. Spates of criminal activity and numerous horrific injuries has also brought the decision to award the Games to Brasil in to doubt and organisers in to disrepute, something which I hope to see over the remainder of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

On a brighter note, my team of the past week…

Great Britain- Trying to remain as unbiased as possible it was tough to find a nation who had impressed as much over the past seven days other than clear leaders, the USA. Featuring around eighth and ninth place on the medal table on Wednesday, to be equal second with China (second overall based upon Silver Medals) at the end of play on Sunday has taken an immense effort from all involved. Previously, it had appeared as though this would be annoying Olympics of nearly’s and what ifs with Silver in the Men’s Rugby Sevens after a demolition by Fiji and missing out on a Bronze in the women’s version after a convincing defeat at the hands of Canada. Of the other sports mentioned in the first review, the Women’s Hockey team have progressed to the quarter finals where they are to play Spain on Monday Night. The majority of gold’s have come from the velodrome as well as on the water with the rowing team as the Men’s 8s swept to a comfortable victory. Both Cycling Pursuit Teams claimed the titles, both memorable in their own way with Sir Bradley Wiggins pulling faces on the podium and the Women’s team repeatedly breaking the World Record on the way to gold. As my girlfriend is always very keen to point out, GB also experienced great success in the Men’s Diving, picking up one gold and one bronze as well as in the Men’s Gymnastics where Louis Smith picked up a Silver and Max Whitlock has already claimed two Gold’s and a Bronze. Mentions also have to go to Andy Murray who became the first tennis player to retain their gold medal in successive games and Justin Rose who became the recipient of the first golf golf medal.


Who and What have been your Teams, Moments and Competitors of the Olympics so far? Leave a comment or drop me a message to include in the next review.

I’ve been Crag Banna…Signing out.


2016 Rio Olympic Games Review #1

Over the course of the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Rio De Janeiro my viewing focus will predominantly be on women’s sport as I look forward to being able to see female athletes and sportspeople compete in a range of disciplines and competitions which has always been something of a rarity with the majority of televised sports world wide being male focused.

Over the first two official days of the games the main sports I have been watching were Beach Volleyball, Field Hockey, Rugby Sevens and Handball with a small amount of All Round Gymnastics. Of those sports which I have also had past experience of watching Male versions of, I have noticed that when there has been a better side, there has been a landslide victory with a close game being a rarity in the Women’s game. The most prominent examples of this has come in the Rugby Seven’s with GB and Canada (4th and 3rd in the world respectively) being physically superior to the other teams in their pool by a long shot with multiple cases of Brazillian players being thrown around and palmed off like  rag dolls in their games against the sides. Also within Field Hockey especially the Netherlands 5 Spain 0 the gulf in class has been clear. The reasons behind watching Handball has been that at each Olympics I try to watch and learn a new sport and being one I had occasionally played at school it was the one at the top of my list. Beach Volleyball has always been a sport of interest having played both versions of the sport growing up, but seeing the game in a 2 vs 2 format rather than 4 vs 4 has opened my eyes to the more tactical and mental element of the sport. Gymnastics is an ever present must watch at any major national or international tournament for me due to the sheer level of respect I have for all competitors. Having a few friends who have dedicated their whole childhood to the intense physical conditioning, strict dieting and other “Bodily Modifications”* required to be able to compete at the top level it has become clear how incredible there sacrifice has been for near perfect levels of human fitness so anyone involved in sport cannot be faulted for becoming superhuman.

*Breast Wrapping, preventing their breasts from developing so they can continue to complete the complex movements without obstruction

My two nations of these five sports so far have been; Canada and The Netherlands. Only the Dutch in Field Hockey have been completely successful so far with them being beaten convincingly in Handball by the French despite an 18-14 scoreline. The game had only been kept that tight by the efforts of my Dutch Athlete of the Games so far, the goalkeeper, Tess Wester who made several top class saves including one responding to a counter attack returning from the sideline to make the block. Canada likewise have not been entirely successful with their efforts despite making their way to the Rugby Sevens Semi Final to be played against Australia with a heavy shock defeat to Team GB who put in a defensive display which was arguably the best of any Rugby in the past few years. However their stand out player and Canadian Athlete of the Games so far has been number five Ashley Steacy who’s kicking and back play has been an instrumental play-making part of Canada’s play allowing them to introduce the more established Jen Kish and Brittany Benn.

With Seventeen Days left to go there is plenty more action to look forward to and hopefully across more sports, women’s participation will take centre stage and increase at a grassroots level internationally in consequence.

Please share and comment your thoughts, I’ve been Crag Banna…signing out.

When and How to Change for Somebody

In a post around a month ago called “How to Tell if Somebody Likes You” I said that you should not change yourself for somebody and that they should accept you for who you are but with every view and rule there are the exceptions and in this post I shall go through the Don’ts, Possibles and Do’s.

Starting with the Don’ts, those that under no circumstances you should do to please/impress or stay with somebody. Anything that would modify your body for a long period of time (Years or until death) such as; Changing Hair Colour/Style, Getting Piercings or Tattoos. Sure people have many motives for doing all of those on that list, whether they would like to have a slight personality change, love doing those things regularly or have some artistic inspiration or memories which they would like to capture. However for somebody else…changing yourself physically…for somebody that doesn’t have to live in your body… especially in the sad state we find ourselves in in 2016 where the majority of relationships have very little security, many after a few of weeks. So with that being said, it should not take much common sense to steer clear of these changes or else you could be 30 with a rose or a random name drawn on you with barely any memory of who you got it for. Before I continue, alongside these I would like to say that one thing to NEVER EVER do is change any morals you have towards sex or sexual activity in a hope of attracting somebody or even worse keeping somebody. Especially if you are a virgin, you only get a first time once, don’t waste it. Also if you aren’t fully willing or comfortable with doing something it can be one of the most uncomfortable and awkward feeling moments of your life. Intense pressure to do anything can be classified as abuse and even further than that you don’t need a random blogger to describe to you what rape is.

Now on to the more acceptable “Possibles”, the things that we can do which shows that you can be attentive and care about the things they say or do, a perfect way to build a connection between you and the significant other. Yes there will be some similarities with the Do’s however in this section you will see those actions which have the possibility to change the core of who you are which as I mentioned above could not be a positive change should you split up. At the time of writing I can categorise everything in this section in to a subheading of “Entertainment”, by which I mean you listen to their favourite Songs/Artists/Music Genre, watch their favourite TV Shows/Film/Genres, read their favourite Books/Authors/Genres. These are not out and out don’ts as the changes are highly unlikely to be permanent should the time you try them is very temporary and they also have the opportunity to open your eyes to a new genre or world of entertainment which you could love and make you happy for the rest of your life. For example, since May I have been dating and going out with a girl who loves Horror Movies and TwentyOne Pilots (Rap/Pop), a complete contrast to me who loves Comedy Movies and Skillet (Rock). But as we’ve introduced them to each other I’ve found that I quite like Horror Films having seen The Conjuring 2 and Would You Rather. And likewise after I posted the lyrics to “Stars” by Skillet on Instagram which she read, she then listened to the song and various others by the band and now loves them.

Lastly, the Do’s, the actions and changes which I absolutely recommend that you do to get in to or do while in a relationship and within this section are two main items which I am going to focus on;

Do…take up an activity/sport or join a social group, providing that you also do this with your prospective/current partner. A relationship must be a two way system in order for it to work and these changes are a perfect way to create a common interest between yourselves, a common interest which you can continue throughout the rest of your lives with the memory of those times spent together always being fresh in the memory. As well as this these are an incredible way to gain new skills and friends which you will also be able to carry throughout your life, both of which can aid you in your career and other hobbies regardless of whether you remain with your partner. If making a change within a relationship, this kind of change works even better if it is something which neither of you have done before or have limited experience of as when you both begin you will both be as clueless and unskilled as each other meaning that you with learn and grow together as well as need to look out for each other more.

Do…Go to the Gym/Take more of an interest in your personal fitness. Anybody who has read my past posts may have guessed that this would appear at some point. As an ambassador for Sport attempting to increase worldwide participation in some form of physical or fitness activity it is impossible to remain unbiased around this topic. The short term effects of making this change are numerous, such as; Improving self confidence both mentally and physically, improving physical fitness such as flexibility, strength and Aerobic/Muscular Endurance, dependant on your view of how you look you may increase how attractive you are or believe you are which in turn produces happiness and again increases self confidence and provides an opportunity like the other Do activities to meet new people, gain new skills, find a new passion, spend time with your partner and create a common interest. All apart from the final benefit listed is a short term benefit which occurs regardless of your relationship status. Dependant on whether you are intrinsically or externally motivated the long term benefits can also seem just as attractive with the more intrinsic introverts amongst us looking to become an overall healthier and fitter person while the more externally motivated extroverts may see this as a chance to become more attractive aesthetically and increase their chances of attracting a partner in the future, looking to have a high number or long or short term relationships.


This has been my completely individual opinion on When and How to change for somebody, and I stick by my opening view that the only person you should truly change for is yourself as the only thing that is definitely constant throughout your lives is that you have to live with yourselves. People may come and go but only you are you and if people can’t accept that then you will be their loss as they clearly don’t deserve you.

Please share and comment your thoughts, I’ve been Crag Banna…signing out.