2016 Rio Olympic Games Review #3

Holding off on posting this until after the closing ceremony, this is the final part of the Rio Olympic Games Review, looking forward to the often more spectacular Paralympics which starts on the 7th of September.

The key talking points of the final week of the games sounded like the drinks list from a very good night out with a Triple Triple for Usain Bolt, Double Double for Mo Farah and a Double for Nicola Adams. Has been argued as the greatest games yet due to the sheer number of world and Olympic records broken and medals one which helped to keep the off track/field/court controversies at bay. None more so than the Great British team will be pleased with their performance, managing to finish a country as big as China, not only based upon past Olympic Reputation but when taking in to account the size of the pool they have to select competitors from. Also hailed in as record breakers for being the first country to beat the medals total of their own Olympics in a successive games (67 total in Rio) GB will be hoping to replicate the success at the Paralympics. It had only occurred to me looking at the medals table this morning that despite the supposed bans on participation in this years event, Russia still achieved a fourth place finish overall which has not only highlighted their quality but the fact that there was no dark cloud or protest over their participation.

Plenty of underlying interesting stories from various events within the final week of the games as Brazil got revenge on Germany for their World Cup hammering by winning on Penalties with the scripted golden boy, Neymar, scoring the final spot kick and then retiring the Brazillian Captaincy. After an Olympic Record Preliminary Round, Tom Daley crashed out of the 10m Platform Diving Semi-Finals just 24 hours later by having an error-laden series of dives. One of the most bizarre stories has come across two events as Heptathlete Katarina Johnson-Thompson found that the height achieved in her High Jump event was indeed enough to take home the gold medal should she have solely competed in that discipline. The final day also saw the games have the widest medal distribution than any of its predecessors with Niger winning Silver in the Men’s 80kg+ Taekwondo final to take the medal table up to 87 countries.

Undoubtedly with such a winning margin, a gluttony of 46 Gold Medals (19 more than Great Britain), the team of the Games are of course the USA. Very unsurprising given that in the pool with Michael Phelps and Katie Ledecky on the most part gained 16 Golds, 8 Silvers and 9 Bronze, and that Simone Biles gained four golds single handed across various Gymnastic Disciplines. This was accompanied by 13 Golds under the canopy of Athletics with the only real running rivals to Jamaica claiming such wins as the 4X400m Relay in both Men’s and Women’s, 1500m Men’s and 4X100m Women’s. As you would stereo-typically expect thinking of America and American Sport, both genders dominated the Basketball Competitions boasting NBA star names such as Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant and Carmello Anthony  as well as claiming two golds in Wrestling.

With more coverage than ever before I hope that this Olympics has served as more of an inspiration to get more children (Girls in particular) in to sport and encouraging them to aspire to greatness, something which schools particularly in England are lacking. I myself have been inspired to take a more serious approach to my Badminton game play as I had been doing with my Fitness and Conditioning training over the past year in preparation for a charge towards working my way through the county and regional ranks in the hope of qualifying for the 2024 Games where I would be 27.

If you have any comments on what I’ve said or what your view on this year’s Olympics have been like please leave them and I’ll get back to them soon. I’ve been Crag Banna…signing out.


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