Further Proof of How the World Works Belief

Yesterday I went in to detail about my view that there is something pulling the strings of my life, I just don’t know what, too much happens to be a pure coincidence and another example of this took place last night. I’m not a heavy gambler but I do enjoy placing a few quid on the football each weekend, this weekend; £4 on £43 return if six outcomes are correct. The first five including a last minute winner by Huddersfield had come out positively. The final game, Atletico Madrid vs Alaves, Champions League Runners Up vs Newly Promoted side, on paper a 4/5/6 goal thrashing. 90th minute 0-0…I begin to write a status slating Atletico Madrid for how poor they had been infront of goal..92nd Minute 1-0 to Atletico…I begin to write a status saying thanks for the Heart Attack and £43…93rd Minute, Alaves equalise straight away with a long range strike, their first of the game and the full time whistle goes. In the space of two minutes I had won and lost the chance to gain £43, most likely towards having fun, and as soon as I had written a status giving a view on the result…the game contradicted it… Unbelievable.


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