Train Like a Pro 2016- August Review

First of all, apologies for not posting this sooner, I have been away for the past five days on a mini break with my girlfriend who had barred me from my laptop. For a range of reasons including the aforementioned mini break I had been unable to go to the gym or train for the final week of the month, possibly slowing down my progression, however I’m sure that it will have been a rest which will leave me invigorated ready for moving back to university on the 10th.

This month’s focus had been around the sport of badminton and for this variation I managed to add resistance to my 90 minute training sessions a couple of times per week by strapping two 1kg wrist/ankle weights to my racket arm. This resistance is something that began to felt during my warm ups and certainly needed some adjusting to regarding timings of my shots which I have to say is my only downfall from the month. Due to the sheer number of shots and swings made over the course of the sessions, at times the strain on my shoulder and triceps became so much that I needed to reduce the weight to only 1kg or remove them entirely. Once removed I found that I needed to adjust my timings again especially with forehand smash shots as I either swung too early (increasing the risk of a muscular injury) or hit the shots too flat and hard causing them to float long. To balance out the other arm I used the wrist weights on high rep sets of resistance band exercises mimicking the types of movements created by the racket hand.

The main news of the month however is my significant weight gain since the end of April with a new change of Protein Powder, experimenting with the market. This month I began using Maxi Nutrition’s Chocolate Lean Powder which although containing less protein per serving, was more beneficial to my overall progress due to the inclusion of several vitamins, natural fat burners and green tea extract. After noticing visible size gains in my arms over the course of the month as well as the fact I had begun to fill out my shirts more, I weighed myself to discover that I now weighed 154 pounds, an increase of 7 pounds over the course of the month, an increase of 12 pounds since May 1st and a whole gain of a stone from April 1st. This rapid increase over the past two months can only be attributed to the use of protein powder as the gain in the last month alone was the same as that gained in the other seven months of the year. The aim for the first five months of the year had been to reach 150 pounds and despite falling so far short, to be four pounds over that now is spectacular and better than anything that I had anticipated. I can now only hope that I maintain this weight over the course of September as I am without a gym for the first third of the month.


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