I’ve Found the Perfect University for Me…And it’s not Mine

Before my University’s social media filters pick this up I would like to say that this piece is not about what the university delivers but rather the social and location aspect of university life.

Right now I am entering my second year at UCFB Etihad, and with regards to the course I am on, the tuition which I am receiving is in my opinion is of a very high standard considering the field, however this being said I cannot compare these lectures and seminars to those of other universities and collegiate institutions. Despite doing rather well in my opinion, finding something which I am passionate about and excel for a long while I have had deep regrets about the social side of my university experience, often leaving me with bouts of depression.

However after visiting my girlfriend’s university for just two days, I believe I have found my ideal University. The course would be Sport Development out of all of those on offer at the University of Derby-Buxton Campus, which links to both of the aspects of sport which I currently study with the added bonus of covering a wider range of sports. There is the obvious social benefit of going to the university as mentioned at the start of the paragraph, being much closer to my girlfriend, getting to see her daily rather than just sending texts at random times hoping to get a response. I have never felt more comfortable getting off a train and wandering around a town as Buxton, a countryside town with large parks, opportunities to go rock climbing, hill walking among other outdoor activities which despite being an hours train ride from the nearest major place Manchester and a two hours bus ride from Derby, Buxton has every shop and service needed within a 10 minute walk of the town centre which is only around 15 minutes from any place in the town which certainly feeds in to my affinity with living in a small town which can provide anything. With only three small night clubs there is no pressure to go drinking most or every night with many just opting to stay in and have a quiet few even in the middle of freshers. The composition of my University is roughly 90% Male, hence breeding the lad culture which simply is not present in the quiet town. Not to pass judgement of peoples personalities but the countryside tourist hot-spot exudes maturity compared to the inner city booze fest of UCFB. The whole layout of the house was perfect, large individual rooms with space for people to keep their outdoor activity equipment and impart their own unique personalities. The kitchen, always full of food and equipment shows the tightness and almost family like nature of the tenants and the living room being a regular hub of activity, whether it be pre drinking or everybody lounging out on the sofas in comfy clothes watching tv having a laugh. Mixture of boys and girls, no one gender and view of life is dominant…JUST LIKE THE TRUE VISION OF UNIVERSITY LIFE… as portrayed by the media. Everyone there can talk to each other about everything. Just like the original concept of UCFB being a small University which almost forces people to develop close friendships with each other, the people who I have seen at the university can have deep emotional conversations and care for each other like a family away from home something which warms me to the core as opposed to the more macho atmosphere of my uni.

There is so much more I could go on about from my welcoming insight in to University of Derby-Buxton life and it feels incredible knowing that there is a place like that and that it is possible to have an active university community which isn’t predicated on alcohol and partying despite them managing to find the strength to do it weekly. It also helped to put my mind, nerves and heart at ease knowing that my Girlfriend can live safely and happily on a daily basis.

University of Derby- Buxton…heaven…

They’ve been incredible, I’ve been Crag Banna…signing out.


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