Mental Health Blog #4

Much like the last update I have been having a spell of relative happiness especially when topped up by seeing my friends at university. So instead here is a small mental health related story from my past.

A while ago I met up with somebody very close to me who I had not seen in a long while. Upon meeting them I said “Wow you look incredible”, she replied with “No I’m not I look horrible”. To which I asked “Why? In what possible way do you look horrible?”. Expecting an answer mentioning blemishes or a comment on their perception of their weight or hairstyle, none of those items were brought up. Instead she remarked about the scars on her arms, left from self harm many years prior and how she sees them as an ever lasting reminder of weakness and that they make her appear disfigured. Astonished, I calmly replied, “Well, in fact I think that they are beautiful. Like stretch marks they are a sign of strength and toughness, a sign that there was once a great struggle in your life, you didn’t give in and accept it, you fought it every step of the way and you beat it. Those are your battle scars and you should wear them with pride. Nobody cares about how you were once at a moment of weakness but they do care and love to see that you are happy now and you know what…that is true beauty”.

The point I’m trying to get at here may have been revealed during that very brief story however to clarify, I’m trying to say that you should not be ashamed of your past, the things that have been done have been done, there is no changing that. How you live in the present is what every body cares about and at the end of the day if you are truly happy with what you do and who you are then it doesn’t matter what anybody else thinks. Those physical scars may be a permanent sign of your troubled past but they are also a permanent sign that you can get through any obstacle put in your way.


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