Train Like a Pro 2016- Quarter Four

We are now entering the final quarter of the year. Nine months of testing the fitness training methods for several sports and workout styles, only three remain. Although this is normally a time of year where we instinctively retreat to our beds and sofas in search of warmth and comfort with times of great feasting ahead in the form of Thanksgiving and Christmas or to those who don’t celebrate those, the festive period, anyone following this programme and I will not rest until the clock strikes midnight to end the year.

Continuing with the aim to maintain and build upon my muscle mass through these University, I will now also be looking to ensure that I do not pile on fat with the difficult student diet and temptations to gorge at events towards the close of the year.

October- Daily Challenges/ Monthly Challenges. Within this month I shall be continuing my usual Gym Routine every 2 days however for this month’s variation the work out does not end there as I then complete the current day’s Core, Chest, Leg and Arm workout as set by an online 31 day challenge programme. On top of this on the days not spent in the gym I shall be doing “Challenge” workouts for Core, Chest, Arm and Leg Muscles of at least 10 minutes each.

November- Bodyweight Training (Had originally been Rock Climbing/Bouldering however due to a breakdown in relations with a frequent user of the local centre I have decided to let them have the space they deserve). The main premise of Rock Climbing/Bouldering is that the body is its own gym, training muscles for endurance, power and strength through the controlled movements and pull up style movements as you scale the walls. As such the premise will be carried over with a circuit of bodyweight exercises on those days not in the gym as well as attempting to incorporate three variations of pull up grip in to my regular routine. The bodyweight only days shall involve multiple variations around a basic movement such as push up or sit up to engage all of the muscles involved and place a different emphasis on different muscle groups. Examples of these are Oblique Crunches, Side Tricep Push Ups and Downward-Facing-Dog Push Ups. To finish each of the bodyweight sessions I shall do a Push Up and V-Up, 55 rep countdown activity where I shall begin with 10 repetitions of the movement followed by a ten second break and then re engaging with a set of nine followed by another ten second break, so on and so forth. This activity is designed to mimic the fatigue faced within bouldering, aiming to increase muscular endurance as a result with fast and explosive movements to work on the ability to exert power.

December- Crossfit. It even feels dirty to mention the word, the scurge of everything I have previously stood for in the gym, however it is now undoubtedly one of the fastest growing workout fads and must have something going for it other than the knee and back injuries which have been reported from their sessions. As the main premise of the workouts, built in to my regular gym routine will be a series of low weight, high repetition, high intensity activities, similar to on a HIIT training programme. These will range from Explosive/Box Jump Burpees, One Legged Squats and Low Weighted Deadlifts as well as others as specified by Nerd Fitnesses Introduction to Crossfit.


Nearly there and with some tough months ahead mentally, physically, in the gym and in the workplace this will be the true test of human resolve and endurance. I’m confident I can make it and make an ever lasting impact on my fitness journey…this will be worth it…

I’ve been Crag Banna…signing out.


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