Train Like a Pro 2016- September Review

September has been a month all over the place for me, first of all not having a gym available for the first ten days as well as moving home at that point. Secondly attempting to eat healthily on a tight student budget has been difficult but as I create meal ideas this should come easier. Thirdly, the first ten days of the month had been arguably the best time of my Summer Holidays, possibly even life, however the final twenty days have been nothing short of excruciatingly painful internally, mentally and emotionally (See the Mental Health Blogs for more information), therefore although getting the hours of sleep in, its quality appears to have diminished.

While I do not have scales available to weigh myself at University, it is clear to any observer that although still being tall and skinny like a racing snake, I have begun to lose muscle mass in my arms as well as begin to put on fat around the midsection, something which must and will be addressed over the next month.

All negativity and overall progress reviewing aside, the months training variation of Football (Soccer) has been a relative success with regards to being able to implement the variations, being able to identify progressions as well as areas for improvement. Training legs through weighted tip toes, leg extension and squats (Unable to perform Leg Curl at the facilities available), I realised early on just how much I had neglected training my legs in the past with the famed leg day aches lasting until the next gym session. As such I have now incorporated all three exercises in to my regular gym routine, hoping to build upon the increase in strength and size of my quadriceps, heading in to a gruelling season of Rugby Sevens as captain. Lower back, an area usually trained by doing Deadlifts had been something made very difficult by only a Smith Machine being available and as such when I returned to my flat I would attempt to do a few sets of Reverse Crunches and Superman Lifts. All practical football sessions so far have involved some degree of fitness training which has most certainly helped me to identify my aerobic endurance as something to work on going forwards and as such I plan on incorporating at least 10 minutes of resisted aerobic activity either on static bikes or cross trainers to my regular gym sessions (Should the limited amount of equipment be available).



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