Mental Health Blog #10

Last time that I posted I had a plan to get in contact with her after three weeks of silence just to be kind and civil. Nothing romantic or even that friendly, just acting as one human looking out for another. The key part to me being able to abstain from not talking to her and being able to have something to occupy my mind and time was to have the work placement however the employers have pulled out last minute, citing that I was too marketing focused to work in their ticket sales section despite the ticket sales department coming under the canopy of marketing/commercial activities. Nevertheless I can not complain about that as I have to respect their decision as final, with them saying I would be considered for a marketing position should it open up in the future.

So…how do I fill my time now? Yesterday my parents came up to visit for my Dad’s birthday and we visited Settle and Horton on Ribblesdale in the Yorkshire Dales. From being surrounded by the green of the countryside which my newfound city life lacks I became inspired to follow in my parents footsteps…literally and decided to aim to run the Penyghent hill walk route in a challenge time for charity, 17th of June 2017. the day before fathers day so a great chance to spend some quality time camping out and doing what he enjoyed. This will be my first official hill/mountain walk, having gone part way up a hill once when four years old and I thought why not do it for charity…why not try and do it in a time quicker than all of this old/experienced casual amblers while I’m young and relatively fit. With any luck I will be able to have a form of donation form where for hitting the 3 hour average I receive a certain amount. Then for every 20 minutes under that time the amount that each donor donates increases. This will certainly  occupy my time not only getting to optimal fitness to complete it as quick as possible but working hard to get the biggest donation possible will be an inviting challenge in itself. I haven’t seen a record time but if there is one I could try and aim to beat it. Highly unlikely but it’s worth a shot.

Following the Penyghent walk, I aim to then complete the Yorkshire Dales Three Peaks challenge, going from Penyghent to Ingleborough to Whernside within 9 hours (My Dad’s all time best time) after I complete my University education in just under two years time.

Outside of walking I have also found drawing as an effective release of my emotions and thoughts with a project which I am calling Project F.A.  The aim is to connect visual art to musical art with music accompanying individual components which will eventually come together in one large landscape drawing in more detail than anything which I have attempted before. On top of this hopefully some time in the next 2 weeks I shall begin my quest to establish a Rugby team at my Football based university…a tough task indeed.

So that is me to this point. Leaving the relationship side for another 10 days at least, I look to have plenty to do in the week and have something exciting planned for the next eleven weekends meaning I have something to look forward to every week until New Years (Going to my friends house, Going home for two weekends, Fireworks Night in Manchester with Friends, Countryside touring, First Uni Night Out of the Year, Meeting People in my halls, Countryside Drawing Retreat, Skillet Concert, Going Home for Christmas, Christmas weekend and New Years Weekend)…cannot wait.

I’ve been Crag Banna…signing out.


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