Train Like a Pro 2016- October Review

October, a month which outside of the sporting world had been tough and testing both mentally and physically with the stressful fallout of the events of September continuing (See Mental Health Blogs for more information), something which will continue deep in to the coming month however at less of a strain. Despite this I have persevered with the planned programme despite realising that some elements were simply unfeasible.

The two “Month Long” challenges can be found here: and here,

In total the challenges required me to perform 10,000 Squats, 2,500 Push Ups, 1,610 Sit Ups, 2,120 Crunches, 901 Leg Raises and 1,400 Seconds of Plank over the course of the month. With such a great workload, around the Day 10 mark I found that the exercises here alone were taking around 45 to 60 minutes to complete. As such with the tight schedule that I live around, I had been unable to complete the area specific daily challenge aspect of the training programme. Nevertheless I found there to be sufficient progress to deem this type of progressive training to be efficient and worthwhile.

After the second day of activity it became evident to me just how much I had neglected training my legs and how little I had completed specialised core training over the summer break as my legs and core felt tight, numb and at times weak at times when carrying out regular activities such as walking to University and sitting up straight. After the first week however, the pain from this had subsided and I was able to complete the exercises easier. As detailed in the introductory paragraph, I had been suffering mentally and physically which meant I often had severe chest pains, migraines as well as knee and ankle pains which were brought on by playing Football and Rugby. As such, there were days where I felt that it was impossible to complete another repetition with proper form and as such I finished the session early without completing all of the stated repetitions.

In the September Review I had told of how I had felt I had lost weight since joining University, arguably due to the stress,  despite making strength gains. At the end of October I had actually been able to weigh myself to find that I now weighed 147 pounds, a loss of 7 pounds from the end of August. While my BMI is still in the Perfect Range at the moment, this is something I will need to keep a check on so I do not fall in to the underweight category. A possible contributing factor to this drop is that I had not been to the gym in the 9 days prior to being weighed due to being back at home for reading week. Visually, I appear to be in the best shape I have ever been, due to the heavy core focus of the month gone, my abdominal section appears more pronounced and chiselled with a loss of fat in the area. Also with the high amount of squats and push ups I have noticed relatively large enlargements of my pectoral and quadricep muscles, something which I hope to build upon over the coming month. From a sporting standpoint, I have noticed the strength and muscular endurance development within my quadriceps as I have found I have been able to make a sharper turn of speed as well as last longer in Rugby and Football sessions without feeling fatigued.

Next Month is Bodyweight Activity with a Bouldering Focus and I’ll still be Crag Banna…signing out.


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