Train Like a Pro 2016- End of Year Review

Nearly three weeks in to 2017 so this is coming quite a bit later than planned due to a very busy Holiday Period. So how did I get on in December?

Crossfit? Hahahahaha, not a chance.

First of all in the first week of December, it was a struggle to breathe suffering from a virus which had been spreading throughout the university. Once this had cleared up, the University assignment workload picked up immensely causing me to work on projects from 8am to 10pm every day, only managing to fit in two gym sessions before going home for Christmas yet alone Crossfit Sessions. As a result December can be seen as a write off.

But how did the year fare as a whole?

In total I looked at and participated in training sessions based upon: Powerlifting, Yoga/Pilates, Gymnastics, Rugby Union, Animal Flow, Decathlon, Triathlon, Badminton, Football (Soccer), Daily/Monthly Challenges, Rock Climbing/Bodyweight Training and Crossfit.

Most Enjoyable?

Definitely Yoga/Pilates and Rock Climbing/Bodyweight Training, especially when I was able to get outside and participate socially.

Most Effective?

Gymnastics and Daily/Monthly Challenges, the progressive overloads and work upon flexibility and sustaining intensity helped me overall with my sporting exploits as well as generally feeling fitter and happier within myself.

Highest achieving towards goals set?

Badminton, in my original goal of reaching 150 pounds, I finally managed it, arriving at 154 pounds at the end of August after gaining 7 pounds over the course of the month.


Over the course of the year, besides attempting different training techniques, I also introduced using Whey Protein after exercise as well as rotated between regular gym routines to keep the muscles confused and working at an optimal level. Looking at the figures of the year, I managed to put on 12 pounds of weight (Mostly clean), finishing the year on 152 pounds, while improving my comfortable repetition weights on each exercise at each gym used at least three times meaning that I have made solid improvements to my strength output as well as flexibility and muscular endurance. Aesthetically (and slightly vainly), it has not just been me to notice physical progression visually with my ex girlfriend commenting on improvements on multiple occasions as well as a girl who I dated in December surprisingly saying “You’re quite fit aren’t you, wasn’t expecting that under your jumper” after she lifted my top up while play-fighting…I told her that she needed stronger glasses. If I can keep that kind of progress up I feel like I will finally be confident enough to go topless on the beach when I go on my summer holiday in August…stick it to all the people who have given me grief, trying to make me feel inadequate.

Going in to 2017 of the monthly activities, I shall be looking to continue Yoga and Rock Climbing, as both means of improving myself physically and being socially active meeting people. My overall goal for 2017 is to put on 10 pounds of clean weight, using body fat tests to make sure of this, nevertheless should I put on slight amounts of fat with this, I shall not be downhearted. As such I shall set two targets. To weigh 162 pounds (11 Stone, 8 pounds/73.5kg) with any body composition. To weigh 141 pounds (10 Stone, 1 pound/64kg) without fat included. Should I not put any fat on with this I shall be 162 pounds with 21.28 pounds (13.2%) of that as fat. Should I keep the same fat percentage (14%) I shall weigh 164 pounds.

Cannot wait to get started when I return to Manchester.

I’ve been Crag Banna…signing out.


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