Mental Health Blog #31

As I had mentioned previously, since returning to Manchester and the couple of days before, dreams had become something strange yet phenomenal.

On a few occasions my dreams had featured the girl who I had dated in December and typically the things which we did in real life, such as hugging and kissing, played out in the same places, but at a different time. The feeling of her arm around my waist, the grip of her hand bunching my shirt up and the tingle of the slow lean in to each kiss, all of it felt the same, just so real.

However one night before bed I thought how strange it was that I hadn’t had a dream featuring my ex for a long while…then it all came back. Like psychological science suggests, the thing that is on your mind or the thing that you consciously think about last before you fall asleep shall appear within the dream which you have next…and she did. In this place where I live, you either have a perfect night’s sleep or you are in and out of slumber several times during the night. On this occasion it was the latter…and the seven dreams followed.

Number One- This coming Saturday (In real life), I am going to Buxton to watch a football match. Buxton also happens to be where my ex lives so any meeting between the two of us or with any of her friends could cause awkwardness or slight confrontation. I dreamt that within Pavillion Gardens I had been sitting on a bench, to my left a large bush, which happened to have my ex and her housemate behind. Through a crack in the bush, the housemate spotted me and came round to talk to me. We spoke about how I wasn’t here to cause trouble or awkardness for anyone. She told me that my ex hadn’t been the same recently, like a girl possessed, she was down, throwing herself at anything or anyone who could offer her some temporary relief. I asked if I could go speak to her to try and help as I’d never want her to go upset or hurting. But when it came to it, I decided not to go round as I didn’t want to add fuel to the blue fire by showing my possibly unwanted face…

Number Two-Based within a combination of my old school and a very posh hotel with large grand staircases it was time for our prom. My sort of date was a hybrid girl, a mixture of the body of a female wrestler I had seen earlier that night, the face of one of my exes ex friends and although I identified who she was consciously, people kept calling her by my exes name, bringing up how odd it was to see us back together. There was slight awkwardness between the two of us, however after a while of being back together, it was almost as though we had never been apart. (There was more to this but as a week has passed since having the dream my memory has faded)

Number Three- Despite not being part of the real life route to the Sale Sharks vs Northampton Saints Game, I found myself in Manchester Victoria Train Station surrounded by fans of both teams, getting along as you do in Rugby. Nothing particularly spectacular happened, it was just a dream consisting of a great atmosphere as the seemingly hundreds or thousands of people crammed on to and on top of one train.

Number Four- This was a rather strange dream which brings to mind the old Busted Music Video for their song “That’s What I Go School For”. Most of it took place within my teachers house, teacher who just happened to be one of the actresses from Hollyoaks. As the dream carried on, we became closer, with a feeling that our relationship was a little more than student-teacher. We kissed as I was on my way out and went to go take it further but as often the case in dreams, I woke up before I could get to any good part.

Number Five- I had gone back to visit my old school with all of my old school friends, like a whole year, school reunion where we had to sit in our form rooms for a while. My school had a large three sided sports stadium, built in the time since we had left, even thought the whole structure looked like it had fallen out of the 80s. Suddenly a bell sounded and we all had to make our way to the stadium for the school reunion queen to make her speech. After a bit of delay, my friend and I left  for the stadium but we were too late for the start of the speech so we stood on the pavilion and looked from afar over the top of one of the buildings. The school’s old assistant head teacher came over and being known as the scary enforcer which we were all scared of getting on the wrong side of we were tentative as to what he’d say. He was sweet to my friend, the Cambridge student but when he came to me, he gave me a snarky comment of some kind but before I could respond, again…I woke up.

Number Six: This is more like a Part A to the Seventh Dream, both of which competed for the most surreal dream trophy. Both were set in a hybrid house, combining those of one of my friends back  home, the house of my friend in Lincoln and the house which my ex lives in at University, only this time there was no upstairs, only the bottom rooms remained. Rather short in content, I was hosting a small party in which an elderly lady was receiving a cheque from her idol Louis Walsh in the back garden. We took some photos and I began to walk her home, giving her a hug and saying goodbye.

Number Seven: When I returned to the party I met a girl and after our night of flirting and general one night standing, I showed her the exit and kissed her goodbye. However when I stepped out of the kitchen, the floor mapping had changed, all the rooms still existed, just in a different order. There were random mattresses propped against walls, a muscular black man was riding around the hallway on a unicycle. I went in to one of the living rooms which I found had been knocked through in to my exes bedroom. In there I not only saw her and her housemates welcoming me in but to my surprise, a few of my best friends were in there. I sat atop a tower/fort of mattresses in this large open room drinking beers with my ex and her room mate. Despite everything being chaotic, insane and a general mess…it all seemed perfect. My friends were getting along with hers, my best mate, who isn’t the skinniest of guys was just cartwheeling in circles around the room. I turned to my ex who shut her eyes and leaned in…only for me to wake up and be saved from whatever was to come.


So these were the seven dreams on that crazy night and I’m sure that there will still be more to come. I have a couple of ideas for the next few blog posts, some carrying on this series, some focusing elsewhere. One this which has taken over my life in the past two days is an anime called “Your Lie in April”, I’m going to do a post on it as I could talk about it all day long, it is possibly the greatest show I have ever seen and you are guaranteed to get emotional. It is 22 episodes lasting about 20 minutes each, so if you have 8/9 hours to spare, I cannot recommend enough that you watch it. If you don’t want to watch it I’ll still try and go through it all in another post, unless WordPress stops me at their word limit.

Thanks for reading, I’ve been Crag Banna…signing out.



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