Adventures of One #1

A small new series, a bit different to the usual which I really should have started a while ago…welcome to Crag Banna’s Adventures of One, aka Crag Banna’s Tour T’ North.

As followers and readers of my Mental Health series are been sick of hearing, once upon a time back in a magical land I had a girlfriend and each week I’d set aside some money so that there was no guilt or worry about spending on dates of surprise gifts or whatever. Over time this built up and built up and when the relationship ended out of the blue I had this money left over and even still I put some aside for future events/trips/dates. One of the things which stood out for me when people were talking about what to do post break up is, don’t hide away and don’t just sit still thinking and wondering of the past and what may have been. Get outside, socialise, do what normally makes you happy and try new things.

So a couple of weeks later I came up with a list of activities with something to do every weekend (As I don’t really drink or club)until the weekend after New Years (where I made my second list to last until the summer break). And thus the tour was born.

So far I’ve been to Liverpool to see friends, taken on social anxiety by going to a Manchester Christmas Light Turn on and Bonfire Night Event, Climbed Pen-y-Ghent of the Yorkshire Three Peaks, tried Masturdating, played my first round of dodge the ex while watching Buxton vs Rushall Olympic, had a Britains Got Talent Audition, took a girl on a date, went to as many Manchester Gallery’s and Museums in one day as possible, returned to Burnley to watch them play Chelsea, visited Lincoln twice, watched Northampton Saints play away at Sale Sharks and this weekend, once again returned to Buxton for a match against Blyth Spartans.

It has truly been incredible so far with at least 7 things still to do before the summer. Not only has it been a great way to escape whatever had been getting me down in the last 6 months or even a way to give me something to look forward to something but genuinely  each time I have gone out and done something I have met someone new. From getting a girls number at a bus stop in Eccles to chatting about football with a fan in the wrong end in Burnley. From guiding a couple from Southend to the football in Buxton to meeting a group of people at BGT auditions. From making friends with a fellow solo hill climber on Pen-y-Ghent to watching the Light Turn on with a Spanish lady new to the city. Every time someone new with a different story to tell, different faces, different views, different nationalities but all of them have two things in common, kindness and a love of doing good things.

It has genuinely made a difference to my confidence, how I see myself and how I put myself across to other people and I can’t wait to continue to be Mr Random, the charismatic enigma, Crag Banna.

From next week I’ll hopefully write a short update about whatever I’ve been getting up to like a travel blog.

Until then, I’ve been Crag Banna…signing out.


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