Adventures of One #2

This week, I did not have to travel too far and I had two special guests come along with me on my adventure as Northampton Town Football Club played Bolton Wanderers at the Macron. My guests were my best friend, Ben and his Dad (Teacher and part time Tony Pulis lookalike), Bill.

It was great to see them both again…even though it had only been three weeks since I saw Ben. As common with Northampton Town matches, the fans and chanting were better than the actual content of the match. No more evidence was needed of this other than that I began to lose my voice after the 20th minute. Cobblers fans were in full voice, making the three home stands look like libraries. Despite being pre match underdogs and defending most of the first half, we took the lead mid way through the second. Later on Bolton showed why they used to be in the Premier League and pegged us back to one a piece. For some reason the Bolton fans thought that they had won the World Cup and began celebrating and chanting furiously. The dubiousness of the refereeing grew over the second 45, giving away a contentious penalty which proved to be Bolton’s ticket to Victory Town (Just off the M6, before the merge with the M60)… In the final minute of injury time Northampton had an equaliser wrongly ruled out for offside right in front of us making the result that little harder to take despite little expectation.

The travel home was cosy to say the least with most of the rail fans cramming on to two already packed carriages. But it did help me continue my streak of meeting people on my journeys. With more chanting and heated debate about the refereeing.

Cannot wait for next weekend when in a double header, there will be two doses of Adventures of Two…

I’ve been Crag Banna…signing out.


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