Mental Health Blog #34

Earlier today, I had my latest meeting with the Student Counsellor, and for the first time in a long while she managed to get me to be emotional.

From the start she told me how proud she was of me, which caught me confused and off guard. She explained that she meant she was proud of how I had managed to turn things around in the past six months, showing me all of the notes that she’d ever made about our meetings, bringing back memories of how in our very first meeting I had cried for about 5 minutes straight when describing how amazing my girlfriend was and made me feel. She noted that she was the key person in my life at the time, with the next page showing the email I sent her the day of being dumped. She went through, how for so long the main body of the conversations and meetings was her, and how I was struggling to move past her but she also wrote of how I dealt with it without turning to alcohol or drugs and was very adult and kind towards her during the whole period. Noting how close I was to quitting university five months ago with flashes of wanting to take my own life, she saw this as the biggest part of my progress, as well, I’m still alive, I’m still here and once again doing well in my work and securing placements. Early on she had fears of how I’d shut myself away and not make or stay friends with anyone, but now she sees that I’ve grown in confidence going out on my weekly adventures and being part of a tight group of five friends, getting along with many others.

Well I do live to grow, live to progress and live to prove people wrong… I’d have been doing myself an injustice not continuing to be who I was.

Also speaking about being who I am, in January I mentioned that over the course of 2017 I plan to put on ten pounds of clean weight. I started off on 152lbs, now I’m 156 (Well when I weighed myself two weeks ago) and my waistline has increased by an inch which has taken my body fat up by 2%, meaning I have put on a pound and a half in around a sixth of the year which means that I’m slightly behind where I need to be. Never the less, there is still a lot of time to change this and I’ll be able measure again towards the end of April.

Thank you for reading this rather jumbled post, I’ve been Crag Banna…signing out.


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