Adventures of One #3

Well this week’s events really did not go to plan, both for different reasons…

On Friday, instead of just popping to the DW stadium in time for the Wigan Warriors match against Hull FC (Who beat the warriors 22-20 despite a late resurgence), we managed to make a whole afternoon of things, firstly going to Liverpool to meet up with my friend before making our way to the match…four hours early. Despite being in the sun so long that I turned as pink as Mr Blobby’s backside, we managed to have a nice little tour around Liverpool City Centre, even watching an 86 year old man Rollerskating around despite recently breaking his hip. Needed two trips to McDonalds before going to the stadium to cut the waiting time down to three hours…and make a strong start to our McDonalds Monopoly boards.Got to the match and waited for the players to arrive, getting photographs with several of them until it was time to go in to the stadium an hour before kick off. For some reason despite sitting in the front row directly under the posts we found ourselves surrounded by children who couldn’t have been much older than 13/14. Nevertheless when my mate went in to full angry rant mode, I managed to communicate and have a laugh with them through the medium of pulling funny faces. Wigan were 18-0 down at half time and my mate had hit the advertising board in front of us so hard that he bruised most of the bones in his hand which then swelled up throughout the duration of the match which saw Wigan very nearly complete one of the biggest comebacks in recent years. Got slightly lost in Wigan trying to find my station home, as the outside of the building looked more like a shop under refurbishment than anything else. All in all a great day out, can’t beat watching and doing something you enjoy with the people who matter most in your life.

Now Saturday…Saturday was meant to be a great date night…only about three hours before the start of Grease The Musical, I received a message through the girl’s snapchat, from her supposed boyfriend who she had gotten with a few days ago, so date off and a spare seat next to me which no one had filled. Nevertheless, I still went, stuck between a whole gaggle of girls (Just guessing that is the collective term) with zero leg room which left my knees screaming. And you know what, I still had a great time. Even though I’d only ever seen the film once, I sang along with most songs, probably to the disapproval of the people around me. I had a laugh with two girls next to me watching drunk people try to get up and down the steep stairway to the ladies toilets. A group of ten girls a couple of rows in front of us even got thrown out due to how much they were off of their faces. The girls next to me still made it an enjoyable time, keeping up the streak of talking to strangers even if they did think I was gay…Just like the gentleman who kept turning back to look at me when we went to leave the theatre. Him: Hey handsome, are you here alone?  Me: Uhh yeah I am actually.  Him: Woah deep voice, fancy some company?

It was at that point that I had to break his heart and break it to him that I didn’t swing that way, but I was still flattered nevertheless.

There may not have been any Summer Lovin’ (Or Spring Lovin’) but it was still a very much enjoyable couple of days. Only the one thing on next weekend, going alone, but will I leave alone? Who knows? I’ve been Crag Banna…signing out.


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