All Cragged Up: Part One

Recently I started playing electric guitar and started my own band, people asked me why did you get in to music? Well ladies and gentleman. A couple of girls in my past said that I was good with my fingers so I thought HEY why not play guitar…I mean that’s the next logical step right?

Only problem is now if I’m fortunate enough to go to bed with a lovely lady when I’m down there doing the business they roll over and ask what the hell I’m doing with my other hand (Act out playing guitar with face getting increasingly shocked). It’s tough to not get carried away. One second you’re there giving it your all and the next you’re eyes shut getting frustrated at yourself for playing the opening to Sweet Child of Mine wrong. She rolls over and asks if you’re okay and you just reply “Hmm is it a G or a C now?”…Instant mood killer, WHO KNEW?

But I tell you what, guys in the audience, if you are able to play a high chord on your girl…you are one lucky man.


Note: This is all part of a hypothetical stand up comedy show, not completely real life, not completely in my style of comedy delivery.


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