Adventures of One #4

Nothing of major drama this week, just a solid event of high energy and good times with random strangers as rock band Ghost came to the Manchester O2 Apollo. I wish I could upload all of the videos and photos that I took at the gig as it was truly astounding compared to any rock concert I had been to before.

Had never realised how long you had to wait after doors opened for the main event to start. Joined the back of the queues at five minutes before doors opening and I still managed to easily get in to the fourth row of people. One thing of notice is that the black jean and leather jacket industries could easily be funded by the people in the room alone. One thing not really seen before, guys in lipstick, but with the persons hair and feminine appearance I genuinely thought he was a girl…only at a rock concert could the presence of lipstick not help you determine gender.

The pre show was a Rock-Synth duo from Pennsylvania called Zombi. Despite nobody in the room having heard of them and them not having any lyrics they were still a worthy warm up for a band which the crowd were getting agitated in waiting to see. Never have I witnessed a room full of over 500 people all singing a whole albums worth of heavy rock songs consecutively, the atmosphere was intense to say the least. Square Hammer, Cirice, Year Zero, Monstrance Clock and Pinnacle to the Pit all tore the roof off, with the hits broken up with outstanding guitar solos and great banter by the latest incarnation of Papa Emeritus (Who looked like a skinny version of Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance).

I cannot recommend going to see them enough, not just for the songs, but for the rock concert atmosphere, people may be dressed in spikes and leather, built like tanks, have long hair and beards looking rather intimidating but they are genuinely some of the kindest, most caring, friendly, accommodating kind of people in the world. I was able to rock out and half a laugh with a middle aged gay couple, who shook my hand as we left and departed in to the night.

I’ve been Crag Banna (Maybe slightly possessed after worshipping the devil)…signing out.


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