Controversial Post Alert

Last night a friend of mine demanded that I shared and retweeted her posts saying “Get Ariana Grande to Number One for 22 Weeks, a week for each victim”.

This was my response:

If we have Grande fixed at Number 1 for 22 weeks can we also have Eagles of Death Metal at Number 1 for 89 weeks for those who lost their lives at the Bataclan in the Paris attacks. Man, Woman or Child. An innocent human life is an innocent human life. They had to fight for their spot through sales rather than be fixed because they weren’t mainstream enough. No doubt Grande’s song will be Number 1 for a while because of all the people buying and listening in remembrance but if the sales fall below another song based on perceived merit it should fall it’s proper amount of places. If fixed, in four months you could have a situation where a song (or several) could have sold 200,000 more copies in a week than the Grande track and the DJs and chart holders will have to say “Congratulations Artist you are second this week despite wiping the floor with other artists” and “Well Done Ariana you are this weeks number one by Default, how do you feel?”. A lot of charts write how many of each copy are sold so even if not said on radio/tv the figures will be present. Very nice sentiment behind people wanting it at the top for that long and a lot of respect will be paid to those who were lost but it cannot be a rule for one tragedy and not others surely. A donation of income from the top 22 songs for the next 22 weeks to the Charities related to the incident would be far more symbolic and physically beneficial, showing solidarity amongst all nationalities represented as well as allowing the nature of competition to continue.

She said that “I just thought it would be a nice thing to do”.

Well what else is a nice thing to do? Maybe not Killing People? Just a thought.

If people say that it should happen this time because most of the victims were children. Every victim of every tragedy is a child to somebody. Regardless of age, everybody has a family and everybody has friends…all will never get to see them again.

If people say it’s because they are English. Try telling that to people victimised by the other disasters that their lives aren’t/weren’t as valuable and worthy due to their nationality.

Oh but Ariana’s song of Hope and Togetherness was the last thing that all sang together… The last song played in the Bataclan was the last song that they all sang together, just because they aren’t Mainstream and A List celebrities doesn’t mean they should be treated any differently.

Okay that’s me done on this matter, anyone want to comment and debate against what I’ve said, I’m more than open to a discussion.



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