Anime Review #4- Mirai Nikki (Future Diaries)


Mirai Nikki or, to give it it’s English Title, Future Diaries is the second of our three Animes which currently rank joint ninth, consisting of 26 Episodes as well as an OVA (Which I have not yet seen). It was the third ever anime which I had ever watched due to the popular demand of my friends. At the time I highly rated it as an anime despite some of the personal downsides which I shall cover later, only being found to be pushed down the list as I came to understand what kind of anime I preferred, sadly this not being one of them.

So, what is Mirai Nikki about (Rushed Version)?

Main protagonist Yukiteru Omano, from here on known as Yuki, was a loner of a child, around the age of 14 who wrote about his daily life in the notes of his phone. One night Deus, also known as God, adjusted his phone so that it would show details of the future for about three months ahead. In a dream-like sequence, Yuki finds out he has been placed in some kind of game by Deus, in which everyone must try to find who each other is and kill them, the lone survivor would then become the God of that world as Deus’ health deteriorated, thus preventing an apocalypse.

In his class at school is pink haired, stalking, nutcase…I mean girl, Yuno Gasai, another holder of a future diary, yet hers shows her all of the actions and thing to happen to Yuki, thus it is in her interest to protect him until last.

One diary holder, disguises himself as a small orphaned child who is then adopted by the Omano family, attempting to murder Yuki and Yuno in several different ways before being wiped out. Another dresses up with a gigantic eye for a helmet who captures another diary user at one point, acting like a cross between a Power Ranger and Batman, he soon comes to an end. The captured woman (Like the female joker) then gets involved with a Police Officer who over time she becomes romantically attached to, get’s proposed to just before the officer gets killed. There are many more including the perfect couple just trying to protect each other.

Essentially the whole show is a massive bloodbath with psychological mind games with Yuno trying to keep Yuki in love with her so that they can have their “Happy Ending” as shown at the end of her diary. The love goes back and forth with the finding of her killing her parents, her kidnapping and torturing/nearly killing his friends, drugging rampages and forcing him in to having Stockholm Syndrome.

In the end it become 0-100% confusing within about 3 minutes as the Yuki and Yuno are the final two, Yuno looks like she will kill him when instead she stabs herself, then the captured renegade who seemed to die earlier comes back on Deus’ command to pick him up and take him to another world saving him. They find Yuno was in fact a Yuno from another world where this game was already played, she forfeited, went to the new world and killed her new family, posing with them, explaining knowing so much about Yuki and the game. Cue big battle with two versions of God’s assistant, World 1 Yuno and World 2 Yuki ending in some disappointment where you just say what the hell just happened and have to watch back another ten times to understand it.

Edit: In the OVA we see Yuno’s memories be taken at her “death”, we are then taken to a world where all of the diary users are friends and don’t have the diaries, they just know that a disaster happened at the school like in the original timeline. They all have fun at the beach until Yuno has deja vu, seeing Yuki but not knowing who he was. After travel through three universes she finds her god assistant who gives her the memories back. We cut to the actual series ending where Yuki declares that he has spent ten thousand years alone with only her final diary for comfort…but then it changes from saying that she died to that she was coming to visit. She arrives as Deus and the helpers look on and takes him up on the offer to go see the stars, and upon their arrival back they both take their place as god’s of world 2 and eternal lovers…quite sweet for all the killing.

And such they both get what they wished for all along… The Happy Ending…


Aside from the art style, Yuno as a perfect Yandere girlfriend that although being absolutely insane, made you (well me) still want to go out with here, the whole complexity of the intertwining diaries seeing different things and the use of nudity/semi nudity to exemplify the levels of craziness were all perfect, pushing it up the table. However…



I DO NOT ENJOY MASSIVE SLASHERS. I can handle shows with blood in but there is a limit when it comes to gore and this crosses it, I could feel myself go insane as it progressed. This coupled with moments where it had hugely unrealistic levels of survival and incredibly confusing plot twists such as the ending, spoiled the anime for me.



Compared to all others on this list it was most definitely the darkest and helped me see that I preferred the light. This solved the problems I gave in the No Game No Life review with the Art Style, having major downfalls for the characters and having a romantic relationship. However what brought it level was that it was just too confusing to be easy viewing and the fighting was over the top, yeah that was the point but in my preference I didn’t enjoy it.

From here I shall look to see the OVA and that appears to be that as the storyline is over within that one series unless the author comes back to try to write the rebuilding of the new world, or that the mad scientist actually still succeeded in replicating future displaying technology.

Anyway, thank you for reading and next time I should be looking at my latest watched anime Eromanga Sensei… Arigato…Sayonara


Anime Chart:

  1. Sword Art Online
  2. Chuunibyo Demo Koi Ga Shittai (Love, Chuunibyo and Other Delusions)
  3. Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso (Your Lie in April)
  4. Konosuba: God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World!
  5. Re: Zero- Starting Life in Another World
  6. Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid
  7. Food Wars! : Shokugeki no Souma
  8. Akame ga Kill!
  9. Eromanga Sensei (=9)
  10. Mirai Nikki (Future Diaries) (=9)
  11. No Game No Life (=9)
  12. Trinity Seven

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