Anime Review #5 -Eromanga Sensei

**SPOILER ALERT** Granted, going in to this anime I was sceptical over its quality, having only seen two things from it: A scene where a little girl says that she and all girls her age love dicks and that the English translation for the title is literally “Porn Master”. And well it lived up to that non expectation…

Eromanga Sensei is a twelve episode “Romantic Comedy” which has been labelled by some as a “Masterpiece of Trashy”, running from April to June in 2017.

In the short period of its viewing, the story is told of a young light novel writer who is quite the loner at school due to his pursuit of the career, and his journey to getting a proposal accepted on the way to it getting published and possibly turned in to an anime, very much a light novel turned anime about how to create a light novel to turn in to an anime, an element I quite like.

Masamune Izumi, the writer, has a younger step sister, Sagiri, who the family adopted a few years ago when her mother passed, however she doesn’t step foot outside of her room, food is left outside of the door which she drags in. A very quiet girl who doesn’t let anybody in either, the mystery still remains of how she goes to the toilet but hey this is anime logic. This is yet another anime where we see the kids live in the house with adults never there for some strange reason. Masamune had never before met or even seen what his illustrator, known only as “Eromanga Sensei” who has a knack for drawing lewd, cute and sexy pictures. One day Masumune in his room watches a live stream of the artist at work, at the end not knowing the camera was still on the artist goes off screen and gets undressed, revealing a tray of food behind them…a tray which Masamune took up to Sagiri. As such, he realised who the artist was and thus started a few small conversations and meetings where Sagiri would use speakers to allow herself to be heard due to her soft voice. But they both admitted over the course of the series as their relationship developed that they loved each other in the way of a boyfriend/girlfriend as opposed to a brother and sister, which led to some uncomfortable viewing as at time Sagiri was not fully up for all of the sexual connotations of Masamune’s imagination. The relationship was ultimately healthy as there was no pedophillia or incest despite the strange possibility and she eventually made her way out of her room when around people on occasions, especially when she felt that her brother was being taken away from her by the other female characters.

Again like many anime, the male protagonist had multiple female love interests, all fellow writers; Elf Yamada, a 14 year old with an over inflated ego who Masamune once sees naked and has her brother try convince them both to marry, Murumasa Senju, who had secretly loved Masamune from childhood reading his books and turned to writing (becoming the most successful of the lot) to stop him from giving up on writing and Megumi Jinno, the dick loving girl from earlier who is a classmate of Sagiri’s if she ever went to school who is a clear pervert.

In a nice bit of comedy, as she need live models to figure out how to draw specific aspects of the human anatomy in different poses, Sagiri gets the girls in to help with Megumi being depantsed and the other two brought in to play bikini twister. There are competitive elements to the series which is nice and at the end of the series we see Sagiri has been working on creating her own Porn Manga. A highlight of this segment is the rounding off the series with Musamune realising and trying to describe to Sagiri that penises do not look or act how she had drawn and as the only male they tried to take him down to get a first hand view. However, this kind of sexual activity gave an uncomfortable side to the anime giving it that lower rating, much like with No Game No Life.

Eromanga Sensei was nice and easy viewing, getting through it easily in an afternoon without breaks, it was great to see behind the scenes of writing an anime and the growth of their characters. Despite the creepiness, there is high potential in future series should it be renewed, let’s see how the book gets on, let’s see what direction the character relationships go and let’s see if we can get Sigiri outside of the house so we don’t have a repeat of the cute yet sad scene where she wants to go out to see the end of year fireworks in traditional dress but is too shy to so she spends it indoors with her brother looking out of the window which is only opened at the end of the final episode rather than just moving the curtains.

Should there be no positional change by the next anime watched, next up will be Akame ga Kill…


Anime Chart:

  1. Sword Art Online
  2. Chuunibyo Demo Koi Ga Shittai (Love, Chuunibyo and Other Delusions)
  3. Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso (Your Lie in April)
  4. Konosuba: God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World!
  5. Re: Zero- Starting Life in Another World
  6. Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid
  7. Accel World
  8. Food Wars! : Shokugeki no Souma
  9. Akame ga Kill!
  10. Eromanga Sensei (=10)
  11. Mirai Nikki (Future Diaries) (=10)
  12. No Game No Life (=10)
  13. Trinity Seven

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